To Whom it May Concern…

I never shy away from giving my opinion. This has brought controversy to my name and I knew it would as I purchased this website for my platform.  I am not afraid to be controversial. Politics is what I love. I will never shy away from a debate, I will never shy away from another opinion. The problem I have is that people want to silence me. I propose a question to those people: What is so scary about a 150 pound, 5’9, 18-year-old? Oh I know actually, it is the fact that my opinions are followed up by facts, and since they oppose your opinions you are scared. You are scared to look at the new era of writers, those who are not afraid and those who do their homework on the subject matter.

The reason I am writing this article at 2:11 am on a Wednesday morning in the heart of finals week is because I have become aware that people genuinely want to shut me down. My email account: attempted break-in. Both my Instagram accounts: hacked. My website: attempted break-in. Sad.

I know exactly what your hate for my website and brand stems from, fear. I do not fear anyone trying to silence me for you are a coward. I fear a nation that silencing anyone because of their opinion is accepted. Free speech is exactly that, free. If you don’t like it, close your ears. It is a constitutional right. This happening to me proves the basis of my argument from the beginning. A large section of this nation wants to silence those who give differing opinions.

For my readers, thank you for being loyal. I hope you all can hear other sides of politics and not try to silence them, but rather engage in civil discourse. I want nothing more than a country in which a differing opinion is not accepted by all but respected by all.


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