The ​United States and North Korea are cool now, let’s see what the left decides to complain about this time.

I never got tired of reading the headlines and listening to the brain dead left gripe about how Trump was on his way to causing world war 3. Well, that did not go exactly as planned.  On June 12th, 2018, the beautiful president of the United States met with the leader of North Korea. Is there going to be a war? Not exactly. Actually, North Korea has promised to denuclearize. Wow. #Dumptrump, am I right? Where is the praise for Trump? Where are the headlines?

Why is the right winning? The right is winning because Americans have become sick of the left’s hatred towards America. The left would rather Trump fail than do well in order to further push their agenda. Pathetic and un-American. Let’s face it, the left has become vindictive.



The media’s​ deception: Trump and “animal” immigrants​.

It is no secret that each news source, writer, and editor has their own beliefs politically. For me, I am a conservative/libertarian who feels free to write about whatever it is I choose. The difference between me and mainstream media is that I can write however I want and I do not have to be subjective. Another great aspect of my writing is that I do not skew information and lie to the public, unlike the mainstream media. As a political science student at University, I have gained quite a bit of insight into the media and especially the public perception of mainstream news. Let me share some numbers and also remind you that my numbers are not cherry-picked or skewed.

A 2016 poll by showed that only 14% of Republicans said they had trust in the media.

I wonder why…

The same study also showed that 51% of Democrats have trust in the media.

You may find yourself asking, “why is the number so high with Democrats and so low with Republicans?” Let me explain.

I will talk more numbers (because liberals hate facts, perhaps because they’re undisputable).

  • A Harvard University Study found that the media outlets New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the main newscasts of CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC combined for a whopping 80% negative coverage of President Trump in his first 100 days of office.
  • CNN (who claim to be a non-biased news network) tied for the highest percentage of negative stories of Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. The number? 93% of stories published by CNN were considered negative coverage of the President. (Tied with NBC)

Well, if these companies are considered “subjective” than I want to be subjective as well. It is quite possible that Donald Trump had a horrid first 100 days in office and that these news companies were just doing their jobs correct? Let’s recap his first 100 days:

Would you consider these accomplishments negative? Perhaps for the media, spreading their own propaganda is paramount to doing their actual job of telling the truth. That is how I perceive it anyway.

Back to the negative news coverage of President Trump. I think it can be justified if the news and media treated Obama the same way in his first 100 days.

Well, I hope this does not come as a shock to you…

Negative news coverage percentage for Obama’s first 100 days: 41%. 

Baffling isn’t it? Not really…

Most of you have probably heard the false story of “Trump calling immigrants animals.” Sound familiar? If you mistook this story for true, congratulations, the media has deceived you. This story (which is completely false) shows the epitome of the disgusting, vile, deceptive, and downright filthy intentions of the media.

Let me give the background of this event:

Sherrif Mims asked President Trump a question about the notorious gang MS13. MS13 is a gang whose motto is,“Mata, viola, controla” which means “kill, rape, control”. President Trump responded by calling the people in MS13 animals. Horrible right? Click here and watch this monstrous act for yourself.

How did the media and elites respond to Donald Trump calling members of this gang “animals”? They jumped to the defence of the gang with tweets attacking Trump’s comments from: George Takei,’s  Hannah Jane Parkinson (who also said, “fuck anyone who voted for him [President Trump]”), Jennifer Rubin who is a “journalist” for the Washington Post, Kathy Griffin who is a “comedian” (you may remember her as the ugly lady who got in trouble for posing with a fake, decapitated head of Donald Trump covered in blood), Andrea Mitchell who is a MSNBC anchor, the list goes on and on. Rob Rousseau, a man who wrote published pieces for Vice Sports tweeted,

“I would rather my daughter dated a member of MS13 than a member of the Republican Party.”  -@Robrousseau

Impressively intelligent.

Why was this story reported on without these “journalists” doing even a bit of research? Because quick journalism is paramount to factual journalism. Not only that, why research when it’s easier to put out a false story to your followers to smear the president and then apologize after with no repercussions knowing that the damage has already been done and propaganda has already begun spreading?

A simply disgusting tactic that shows how vindictive the mainstream media is towards President Trump.

I challenge all readers to think for themselves rather than listen to propaganda the mainstream media is force feeding viewers.


Ye Vs. The People


Wake up and smell the coffee folks. Trump isn’t evil. Supporting him isn’t racist. He doesn’t implement white supremacy ideas. These were all lies supported and created by the media. Why were these lies created? In order to further their agenda and help the democratic party win and control the election and the country. The problem, obviously, is that their plan to paint Trump as a racist backfired.

Kanye support for Trump

In recent weeks, the rapper Kanye West has come out in support of Donald Trump on Twitter. Kanye tweeted things such as, “You don’t have to agree with trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.” This tweet obviously raised much attention as the president of the United States himself tweeted back to Kanye saying, “Thank you Kanye, very cool!” Also tweeting various pictures of him in a MAGA hat, and also taking time to write, “Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed.”

Obviously, whenever a black man comes out as a Trump supporter, it seems that everyone on the right is drooling over them. As if they don’t practice what they preach, the right seems to view black Republicans as an object to say, “Trump isn’t racist this black person supports him.” Regardless of this being true, Republicans should not have to use the support of black people of president Trump to emphasize that he is not racist. There is simply no evidence of president Trump being racist, thus he is not racist.

Anyway, how did the “tolerant” left deal with Kanye supporting Trump? The Verge said he has had a conversion to an “alt-right internet troll.” Alt-right? Really? I had no idea Kanye was not in support of Richard Spencer for president. Wanna hear rolling stones fantastic, subjective headline? “Why Kanye West’s pro-trump tweets are a real threat.” That one made me laugh. Especially as the rolling stone goes on in the article to become even more racist and say,

“It’s easy for some – particularly if you are white – to say that an extremely influential black man with a cult-like following aligning himself with a demagogue and racist movement is much ado about nothing, but the rest of us can’t shrug off the ramifications so swiftly.”

This is fear-mongering, racism, and propaganda all rolled up into one big, stupid article. And these people call themselves journalists. Shameful. It seems anyone can write an article and call themselves a journalist now, including me. Haha. The best part of the Rolling Stones article is when they say all conservatives “uphold a white patriarchy.”

Kanye shortly after obtaining a ton of hatred and treated for his tweets released a song entitled, “ye vs. the people”. The message in the song was clear. He wanted to show everyone that the right was not actually racist and free thinking was good. He says, “All Blacks gotta be Democrats, man, we ain’t made it off the plantation” with the intention of generating the idea of free thinking amongst black people.

How did black people respond to Kanye? 

Well, how did Kanye’s message do? Did it promote free thinking? Absolutely. In fact, support for President Trump doubled amongst black men after his tweets. Another fellow rapper named Chance tweeted, “Black people do not have to be Democrats.”


I think it is hilarious that every time someone with great media influence shows support for our president it is treated as if they are doing something awful. To honestly believe that Donald Trump is a white supremacist is idiotic and hilarious. Free thinking is a must, and in our country, it happens less and less. Obviously, though, people are becoming tired of the same narrative being pushed down their throat. Let’s continue to win, and let’s continue to make America great.

Feminism has become the movement of the loony.

As we all know, feminism has become a disgusting, man-hating, ludicrous movement that has of course gone too far yet again. The movement is beyond contradictory and there are many cases of that being evident. Let me elaborate before my email inbox is filled with hate from the feminists sending me the definition of feminism. I am aware feminism is supposed to be a movement attempting to make equality of the sexes. Yes, I would love that. In fact, I believe that the sexes are already equal. Here is my gripe: that is not what feminism has become. So intellectually low feminists are that they behave in a man-hating, vindictive way and expect us to believe that their movement holds any relevancy anymore. I especially love the male feminists. Any male feminist must be very happy with themselves considering they joined a movement full of people that hate them.


Feminism has been a prevalent advocate for the notion of more than two genders. What do I mean? You can be a man, women, dog, cat, or an iguana if you want to be. The world is your oyster. Or, you can be the oyster too if you would like. Well, feminists, have you considered this? LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer. Of course, there are also other letters that I simply do not care to include. Here is the comedy in this, if the B in LGBTQ stands for bi-sexual, are you saying there are only two genders? It seems as if they overlooked this aspect of their movement. Oh well, just keep chanting in the streets wearing your vagina hats.

My favorite story of feminists so far is the Doritos story. If you are not aware, Frito-Lay (the company who owns Doritos) has stated that they were going to make “Doritos for women.” Why? They are developing these chips because “They don’t like to crunch in public.” Oh really? So now the feminists are going to speak on behalf of all women? I thought females were the same as males, wasn’t that the whole movement? Equality? I guess we should’ve seen this coming, I always knew there was a long history of sexist chips.

We are different:

With the feminist notion of equality, they often say that men and women are exactly the same. Obviously, this is not true, biologically speaking of course.

Instead of pretending we are exactly the same, we should discuss science instead of feelings. Letting people who have stronger feelings on a subject manipulate the social construct of the country is the most regressive form of action ever recorded. We have the best technology to ever exist yet we are letting angry feminists dictate the countries goals and excellence.

Mythical Beliefs:

Have you ever seen a happy feminist? Me either. Obviously, I have not though because I am male scum according to them. The amount of times I have had feminists yelling in my face over my beliefs is astounding. Their breath always smells awful too most likely because toothbrushes are sexist. The fact, however, is that they do not want to hear the facts. Feminism also has these myths that they use to intimidate people. The wage gap, more than one gender, and the one in 4 statistic of college rape. All of these points are false, and that is just not up for debate. I urge all my readers to read up on that fact. My favorite feminist belief is that being fat is actually healthy. I adore this movement. Let me say this, it is not empowering being overweight regardless of if you are a man or women, it’s unhealthy. You know who does not think being fat is empowering? Your doctor. Your doctor thinks your dying. At least the feminists had the women’s march, it helped a ton (I am aware of the irony) of “beautiful” fat people get exercise. Brilliant.

All in all, feminism is a stupid movement that has evolved from a once great movement into something utterly stupid. I long for the day that these people grow up and turn into intellectually sound individuals that are capable of thinking for themselves.

Soy Boys

The new meme “soy boy” has emerged into the hands of the trolls of the internet. I must be honest, I am a fan. The simplicity of the meme, yet the sheer truth behind the meme is spectacular. The one thing about trolls, they do their homework.

What is a “soy boy” 

Loosely defined, a soy boy is a male who consumes soy regularly and lacks masculine qualities.

What can soy do to you?

Soy contains phytoestrogens called isoflavones that can mimic the hormone of estrogen in your body. Obviously, if you are a male that wants to be perceived as a male, you do not want a raised amount of estrogen in your body. Too much estrogen in a male body can have these effects: 

  • Infertility
  • Gynecomastia (The forming of larger breasts)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Obviously not ideal for any man that wants to remain sexually active and masculine looking in any sense. There has been much uproar saying, “well its artificial estrogen, so it does not actually make you more feminine.” Well, there is a cross-examination. The chemical RAD-140 is a lifting supplement that is a mimic of testosterone but is not actually testosterone. Studies of people using this supplement showed that even though it was not actually testosterone, the body still recognized it as that, and there was still natural testosterone suppression. Obviously, there is not 100% proof that these two are inherently going to affect the body in the same way, but there is no saying that it won’t either. Without using anecdotal evidence, there are tons of stories of males who have been drinking soy milk and began losing testosterone. One quick google search will show that, but still the independent said in an article, “based on the thinking that soy products increase men’s estrogen levels, even though this hasn’t been scientifically proven” That is untrue. It does make your estrogen levels increase. There was even an article about a man who had gynecomastia who had the doctor puzzled as to why. They went over everything and ran numerous tests looking for cancer. What did they find? The man had switched to soy milk years before and that was creating his feminine like features. The man said, “I began losing my facial hair, body hair, and even my feelings started to change.” 

Soy boys running wild

Obviously, if you want to be a soy boy, by all means, do it. It is a free country. I long for, however, a time in which masculinity is not demonized like the modern day era. How absurd that men are struck with such apparent guilt, the will chug liquid feminism in order to bath in the compliments from man-hating women. By all means, do as you please, but I will continue to lead the movement of men who want to be masculine.

If you are triggered by this article, stop being such a soy boy.

Remember when funny people were funny?


I long for the days in which I could escape the stress of school and laugh away my problems while watching people that get paid to make us laugh. Comedians, a very awarding occupation. Getting paid to make people laugh? Sign me up. There has been a swift decline in comedians I actually define as funny now though. It seems insulting the president is the new wow factor for most of these comedians. The list below is as follows, comedians that said they would flee the country if Donald Trump were to be elected. Obviously, there was no need to keep listing and listing, but below are in my opinion the most important 3.

Jon Stuart: John Stuart known from “The Daily Show” is a comedian (sort of) who told people he would be moving to Canada if Trump is elected. In my first year of college, I watched two skits from Jon Stuart. The first skit was a brilliant skit of discussing PAC’s and Super PAC’s. As I recall, he was with another arrogant comedian as well. Although I am happy that Jon exploited the very ill thought out laws when discussing Super PAC’S, I did not intend of tuning into a comedy show to watch two grown men laugh like school children at an exploit in the rule book. Quite literally they laughed like school children, that was by no means a pun. The other segment I watched of Jon Stuart was while on Crossfire. Jon opens up the segment (which he is not the host of) by asking “why do we have to fight” and turns to Tucker Carlson and says, “Say something nice about John Carrie.” Well, Jon, this is a debate show and Carrie was the Democratic nominee for the election that year. It is not a fight John, it is a debate in which people have different opinions. Jon then continues to bring his opinions to light while using the tone and simplicity of a 5-year-old. Jon, if you are so committed to being an American, (which is prevalent in the sense of how involved he is in American politics) why are you so steadfast to flee if the American people vote for something you don’t believe in? Simply put, it is utterly moronic. Jon still resides in the States.

Bryan Cranston: Known for his role in the popular show “breaking bad”, Bryan Cranston is yet another celebrity telling the media he will flee if Trump is elected. I will not tarnish Bryan Cranston because unlike Jon Stuart, he is funny. However, Bryan was quick to withdraw his comments after Trump was elected. Bryan goes onto say that he doesn’t want Trump to fail and if you do “F**k you.” Bryan has yet to move to Canada.

Keegan-Michael Key: Have you ever seen the show Key and Peele? Me either. I do recall laughing at one video this comedian made when I was 12. Key is a celebrity who once made 2 or 3 funny sketch comedy videos that once got a laugh, he repeated to make part 2’s and part 3’s and none the less, they were never as funny. Key had told a TMZ reporter that if Trump was elected he would be moving to Canada. Where is Key now? Still being utterly unfunny somewhere in the United States.

There is obviously an ongoing theme with these comedians, they bit the hand that fed them. Instead of making light-hearted jokes and catering to the people that listen to them, their narcissistic personalities devoured their logic. Donald Trump was not my first choice for the 2016 election, but regardless even if Hillary had won I would not leave this beautiful country. Where did all of their careers start? The United States of America. These “funny” people need to get a sense of nationalism and realize that insulting their fanbase for their political beliefs most likely is not the best marketing mechanism.


President Trump has finally proposed that has completely rubbed me the wrong way. Trump has told the Justice Department to move forward on banning the bump stock modification for a rifle. 

What is a bump stock? 

A bump stock is a modification to a rifle which enables the weapon to move forward and back easier while firing to make the gun fire “more rounds”. People have said that it makes a semi-automatic rifle automatic. This is just not true. Can it make you shoot faster? Sure. Is it automatic? No.

My honest opinion is that there really is no use for the bump stock, I think they’re stupid. However, once you start regulating guns, it seems to become a habit. It is almost as if Democrats smell blood considering you have shown weakness in your stance. I do not believe in bad guns. Buy a tank for all I care.

I want to conduct an experiment, I will leave an AR-15 on the floor of my room for a week. If it kills anyone, I will change my stance on guns.

There are mentally ill people, not mentally ill guns. 

Let me put it into perspective:

Suicide bombings- no public movement to ban explosives.

Fat people- no public movement to ban pizza.

DUI- no public movement to ban cars.

Why is it that we always blame people for bad things besides when it comes to guns? Here is another question, do you think people that are buying guns illegally are going to give a toss about gun laws? There are signs that say “gun free zones”, they break that rule too.

Trump, this was not a conservative move. The basis of the second amendment is not to have guns for fun, it is to prevent government tyranny. That is my biggest fear when the government tries to take our guns. If you unarm civilians, you have total control. There is no compromise. With no guns, the government can do whatever they want without fear of citizen backlash.

Trump needs to rethink this idea.

While writing this article, I received news that President Trump also wants to move the age of buying a gun from 18 to 21.

Trump, do not do this. You WILL lose support. My biggest question is, why even make the legal age of being an adult 18? What are the benefits of being an “adult”? You can’t have a beer, in some states can’t smoke a cigarette, and you can’t even rent a car. What can you do? You can join the military, die for your country, and be tried as an adult.

I was at Trump’s speech at CPAC 2018, it was beautiful. The president spoke of making our schools safer and that is by arming them, not taking guns away. Brilliant. I thoroughly believe in president Trump has correct intentions but he cannot conform to pressure from the left after a mentally ill child acted in an ill manner. There was no pressure after the church shooting in Texas. Why? An armed citizen neutralized the target before he could rain more tragedy down.

The signs were ignored in Nicholas Cruz’s case. This wasn’t a gun problem, this was a failure on the end of the government who failed to recognize the immense threat. It was obvious, and a pattern.

Trump, there is no one to blame besides the failure of the executive branch on this one. Hopefully, the president will strengthen his conservative values.

The Benefits of Congressional Term Limits

Many forget that it was the Greeks and the Romans who established much of the way our country works today. Whether you are aware or not, the best of those societies have continued their legacy in our governments. The concept of ‘not allowing any one person to hold a position of control or power for an indefinite period of time’ or  (Term Limits) for the common good has especially endured and survived the test of time. In other words, if term limits worked for the Greeks they will work for us!

The Benefits of Congressional Term Limits

Less Corruption

It’s disheartening knowing that there is remarkable potential for corruption in our government. Politicians should want to serve simply for the benefit of the people. Many public servants begin as motivated individuals who serve for the people, but along the way, their goal focuses towards “getting re-elected” rather than acting on what they had actually promised.

For years politicians have developed an international reputation for being corrupt and uninterested in their own obligations. This stigma that all politicians “belong in a swamp” due to their extreme caliber of corruption is to some degree true— and the deficiency of term limits could the main reason behind it. The relationship between corruption in a single politician directly correlates to the length of time they have served. If you look at any career politician’s timeline you would be able to tell for yourself that corruption is more likely to occur the longer an official stays in office. Term limits would limit the time allowed for a politician to be influenced by the power that comes with their elected seat. While most of this country’s leaders are not corrupt, those that are, have succumbed to the influence of their power due to the extended period of time of their position.

Fewer Career Politicians

The initial purpose of electing officials was to represent the interests of the people. This is why serving as an elected official should be looked at as a public service rather than as an opportunity for a profession. Have you heard the phrase “of the people, by the people, for the people”? The goal as a senator is not to make your position into your ‘permanent job.’ As one of the longest-serving senators in United States history, Strom Thurmond is the prime example of an ‘outdated politician.’ When Thurmond first ran for Senate he was pro-segregation and was an open advocate until the early 1970s. Not to mention that through all of this, Thurmond’s daughter was partially African-American. I could easily drivel on about how racist Thurmond really was, and I could even mention the fact that he gave the longest filibuster in American history in an attempt to prevent the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957. I can’t be the only one who sees something wrong with allowing this man to hold a seat in office for nearly 50 years. In a world where societal principles are constantly changing, it’s completely immoral to allow someone who justifies prejudiced beliefs to serve for so long.

An excerpt from Thurmond’s infamous Swimming Pool Speech.  Remember that this man was in office until 2003.

“There’s not enough troops in the Army to force the Southern people to break down segregation and admit the nigger race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our churches.”

Less Corporate Influence

Corporations are constructed to exchange a good or service to people willing to pay a set amount; supporting these structures is what preserves our country’s reputation as having one of the most powerful economies in the world. In America’s free market system, corporations have the power to accumulate the necessary support to fund their personal interests. While it is just as legal as it is unethical, large corporations should not be able to influence the outcome of an election. With term limitations, corporate persuasion will still inevitably happen, but not to the extreme degree as it does with career politicians in office. Corporations will always look for ways to buy influence, but this is not the result of term limits. They often form “Political Action Committees” (PACs and Super PACs) and fund their own candidates from the start. Term limits are not the solution to corporate influence but are rather a step towards a healthier governmental system.

Productivity & A Higher Congressional Approval Rating

Career politicians often lose touch with their original plans for change and instead shift their attention to getting re-elected in the upcoming election. The common argument of the left consists of, “If they turn out to be an unproductive senator we can just vote for a new one,” and while I somewhat agree with the idea behind this argument, the left is forgetting to consider the fact that congressional re-election rates are substantially high. According to the Washington Post, Congress’s approval rating has reached historic lows at least 12 times since 2010. What happened to “voting for a new one?” It’s clear to see that regardless of whether a politician is productive or not, 9 times out of 10 they will still be re-elected. Term limits would establish a more frequent flow of politicians into office, allowing for more options for voters as well a guaranteed higher productivity rate. When all goes well, we may even have a shot at an approval rating that’s higher than 13 percent!

Stop with the name calling.

There is a very consistent problem that occurs whilst talking about politics. Whether that is in the classroom or the professional world of politics. There is a misconception that both sides have against each other. Personally being a fiscal conservative and mostly rights leaning libertarian socially, I countless times been labeled racist, Mexican hating, homophobic, and much more. The truth is, I am none of these things.

Everyone needs to stop grouping people because of their political stance. Donald Trump was not my first choice in the primary election, he was actually my third. However, I am proud of something’s he has done such as the tax cut, but also not so proud of other things. Regardless, I would not have voted for Hillary because of the fact that she was one of the most corrupt politicians of my short time on earth so far.

To both sides, we need to stop judging people based on who they voted for. If I vote Republican, it does not make me a white supremacist. If you vote democrat, you are always not a green haired millennial who is offended by everything.

While reading this, you may have thought I was being a tad hypocritical considering I have made broad statements about the left as a whole, yes I have. Why? I write in a format to be entertaining whilst making a point. Of course, I do not actually believe anyone who voted for a Democrat is automatically to blame for everything. However, I have noticed a pattern in the people I talk to. The majority of the people I have talked to that are democrat have fit the stereotypes more than the Republicans I have talked to. Yes, it does sound biased.

Regardless, this is a call of peacefulness to both sides. If you want to get anywhere politically, we need to work together. If something is good for America, do it. Let’s all come together to make America great.

The Women’s March was Stupid

The Women’s March 2018, perhaps an illusion of a name? We know one thing for sure, it was more of an anti-Trump protest than a march for women to come together. Marching against things such as the pay gap (which is untrue) and the right to have an abortion(which is murder).

My grievances lie in the fact that even if you are female if you are on the right you are not welcomed to this march (there have been multiple videos proving their presence was not welcomed). Hypocrisy is exactly what the left is known for now. Being progressive used to mean sticking up for the people that needed it, now that represents the right more than the left. I urge all readers to watch Dave Rubin talk about why he left the “left.”

The truth is, the “right” care more about equality than the “left”. Not the entire “left” but more so the social justice side of the left cares more about “leveling out the playing field” and electing people based on gender or race rather than policy (which as Gavin McCinnes rightfully says is, “the bigotry of low expectations.”)

Perhaps the only good thing that came out of this march is that it burned some calories for all the fat feminists. Do you really think marching in New York and LA to protest Trump with a plethora of fat feminists and self-hating white dudes will actually get anything accomplished? I am sure it ruined Trump’s day.

You are lazy, you are most likely uneducated (or purposely ignoring the truth from being thick minded), and your cause is ill thoughtout. The women’s march attendees need to take one class in economics 101 to realize that the wage gap is a myth. They need to read one newspaper (other than the cancer Buzzfeed) to realize Trump is WINNING. Their ignorance is unreal, they would rather see Trump fail rather than have our country win.

Let’s all realize the west is the best, and Trump is winning. The left just needs to accept it, because regardless if they want to or not, we are winning and we will continue to win.

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