America As I Wish

The nation as a whole has begun to succumb to the sheer stupidity of the progressive left. We are told to believe that gender is a feeling, that police are on killing sprees of minorities, and that the only way you can be successful if you’re  white is by cheating. These are all lies that are not simply looked past, but discussed as if it is truth amongst higher power people and even news outlets.

The fact of the matter is that it is simply untrue. However, the problem is not whether these ideas are true or untrue, the problem is that when the left disagrees with your opinion, they get violent. The left also thinks these attacks are justified because conservatives are “racist nazi’s.”

Let’s just get one thing perfectly straight. If you are Republican you are not by default racist. If you are a Democrat, you are not by default racist.

The MAGA hat

In my own experience, there have been multiple times where wearing my “Make America Great Again” hat has got me into some hot water. I have had it ripped off my head, I have lost friends, I have been called racist for wearing it, etc. However, as a man that is more than willing to stand behind my beliefs, I do not shy away from wearing it.

I stay strong. For those of you who have met me, getting under people’s skin comes as second nature to me. There is something so humorous about someone getting so upset over a hat. What fills my body with joy, however, is trying to debate those who call me racist for my hat.

Story Time

On the one year anniversary of Donald Trump winning the election, I wore my MAGA hat to the school cafeteria. While eating with my friends, I suddenly felt my hat viciously yanked off my head from behind. Before I could even get a word out, in front of me was a small African American woman holding my hat. She said, “You racist pig, you support a guy who hates me and my people? You must really hate me then.” To be honest I laughed a little at this point. I knew anyone that would say something so idiotic must have the intellectual capacity of a squirrel. I sat back and said, “sure, let’s have a debate. If Donald Trump is racist why is black unemployment at a 17 year low? Why did Jessie Jackson praise Donald Trump on multiple occasions? Why was Donald Trump in the public eye for over 30 years and never called racist until he ran for president?” Her frustration of sheer embarrassment had run rampant throughout her body at this point. Stuttering she uttered, “Wh-Whatever don’t ever talk to me” as she crumpled up my hat and threw it back. My friends in shock looked at me and after a couple of seconds started to laugh saying, “Man you just destroyed her argument.”

What am I getting at here

My message is that there seems to be a war on Trump supporters. The reason the left wins so much is because we on the right do not fight back. We need to fight back and NOT IN A VIOLENT WAY. Let me make that perfectly clear. We are not that immature, insecure, and stupid. We do not to promote violence to get our way. What I am suggesting is stick to your morals. If you want to say “Merry Christmas”, say it. If you support Trump, don’t be intimidated. What I have learned in my 18 years on earth is that when people are yelling in your face about politics, they usually do not know what they are talking about. They have some lines memorized that they heard from watching a Youtuber’s vlog while also writing a blog about how they can’t get a job with their degree in Gender Studies. Let us stick to our beliefs, which we are allowed to do in America (the greatest country on earth).


We NEED the Wall

You may find yourself in support or against the wall in which President Donald J. Trump had run his campaign off constructing. Of course, it takes a considerable amount of research to find the “true” good and bad of the wall as every news outlet has a bias. Regardless of my conservative bias, I am fair enough to know when a Republican view, or candidate is non-beneficial to our society (such as John McCain, but that’s an article in itself). I did my own research, from multiple sources and this is what I concluded:

I am pro wall.

President Trump has said, “Mexico is sending their rapists.” In an “open discussion” (really just a debate in disguise) at my university between the College Republicans and the College Democrats, one man said that the quote previously stated Donald Trump’s quote was “openly racist.” Of course, me knowing my facts, I relayed a statistic reported in a Huffington Post article. The statistic acknowledged that 80% of young women crossing the border illegally are raped at some point in their crossing. This might come as a shock, as it did to me. The relevance of this statistic shows the values of some of these illegals who are involved in the crossing of the border. These people, (for the reader’s future debates) are called “coyotes.” So yes, if the “coyotes” are the kinds of people who are so-called “experts” in border crossing, why should our country not build a wall to keep them out?

More importantly, it is evident that with the wall present it will in term cut the spending of the taxpayer’s money. According to The Department of Homeland Security, it cost ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) $3.2 billion in 2016 to, “identify, arrest, detain and remove undocumented immigrants.” To put it moderately, that is a lot of money out of the taxpayer’s pockets.

The last reason I support the construction of the wall is that the wall will help increase the job market. It has been reported and confirmed that since President Donald Trump took office, illegal immigration is down 17%. That is an astounding figure driven by minor changes thus far, but mostly rhetoric from the President. President Trump reminds me of Ronald Reagan in the sense that when he proposes an idea, he wholeheartedly believes in it. It is not merely an effort to get re-elected. We will now step back from the wall in our country and look at the wall in Israel. In Israel, since the construction of the wall, illegal immigration is down 99%. Yes, 99%! By stopping illegal immigration, it will bring jobs back to the American people. How do I know? Let me present the evidence.

Since Trump took office: 

Illegal immigration down 17%

Black unemployment: lowest it has been in 17 years (7.4%)

Latino unemployment: all-time low. (4.7%)

To Whom it May Concern…

I never shy away from giving my opinion. This has brought controversy to my name and I knew it would as I purchased this website for my platform.  I am not afraid to be controversial. Politics is what I love. I will never shy away from a debate, I will never shy away from another opinion. The problem I have is that people want to silence me. I propose a question to those people: What is so scary about a 150 pound, 5’9, 18-year-old? Oh I know actually, it is the fact that my opinions are followed up by facts, and since they oppose your opinions you are scared. You are scared to look at the new era of writers, those who are not afraid and those who do their homework on the subject matter.

The reason I am writing this article at 2:11 am on a Wednesday morning in the heart of finals week is because I have become aware that people genuinely want to shut me down. My email account: attempted break-in. Both my Instagram accounts: hacked. My website: attempted break-in. Sad.

I know exactly what your hate for my website and brand stems from, fear. I do not fear anyone trying to silence me for you are a coward. I fear a nation that silencing anyone because of their opinion is accepted. Free speech is exactly that, free. If you don’t like it, close your ears. It is a constitutional right. This happening to me proves the basis of my argument from the beginning. A large section of this nation wants to silence those who give differing opinions.

For my readers, thank you for being loyal. I hope you all can hear other sides of politics and not try to silence them, but rather engage in civil discourse. I want nothing more than a country in which a differing opinion is not accepted by all but respected by all.

Is College Necessary?

For starters, yes, I am a college student. Do I feel college is necessary? Hell no. Making money boils down to various aspects of a human. Be ambitious, have a relentless work ethic, and be social. Without those three characteristics, it will undeniably be much harder to make money.

The Great Myth

I’m sure that everyone reading this article has either said, or heard the statement, “You cannot get a job without a college degree now.” Not only do I disagree with the statement, I believe that it is arrogant.

Obviously, there is factual evidence that can be manipulated to show that without a college degree most people earn less money. I am not shying away from this, and it does not disband my claim. I will show those numbers here:

High school dropouts anual salary: $21,000

High school graduates that do not go to college anual salary: $30,000

College graduates anual salary: $50,000

Behind the numbers

Yes, this does show a clear difference that education reflects in relation to salary. However, there are other elements to these numbers that are beyond the actual statistics. I believe that there is another aspect of why they’re earning this amount of money.

High school dropouts

The problem with high school drop outs is a tricky one to pin point. The most prevalent argument is based off a study done by America’s Promise Alliance. They conducted a study that showed that most high school drop outs lived in  “toxic environments.” This was often due to them experiencing violence in the workplace. Yes, it is not the kids fault for having shitty parents. I am aware. But, have you ever heard of a G.E.D? Really, it is not that hard. The only thing blocking these people from getting one is excuses they make for themselves. Again, this falls under ambition (and the fact that 18% of them have been or are in jail and 11% of them involved in gangs)

High School Graduates that do not go to college

Let me start by saying, this is a group of people who are deemed the “middle class” of intelligence by some if not most. Intelligence is not formed by the amount of schooling you achieve. I will whole heartedly defend people who choose not to go to college, because I honestly believe college is more of a business than anything. You know what is better than a college education? Experience. Regardless, it does not mean you were “too stupid” to go to college if you choose not too. My opinion? Self educate. The one piece of advice I am extra thankful for came from my mom and dad (of course). They always hammered into my head, “reading is the most important thing you can do.” I fully believe that . A study done by Renaissance Learning, Inc. showed that out of a compilation of 40 books read by students for school grades 9-12 were not much over a fifth grade level.

Without diving too much into the education system itself (for the sake of getting off topic), it shows that you most likely are not getting the greatest education anyway. Read on your own. Read everything you can.


One of the most prevalent reasons for not going to college is obviously the money issue and how expensive college has become. My greatest complaint is how much the cost of tuition has increased, and at a staggering amount.

Increase in college tuition since records began in 1978: 1,220% 

I am sure this plays a huge role in each individuals decision on whether or not they decide to go to college. The simplistic version of my argument is income over debt.

Average debt after college in 2016: $37,172. (That is a 6% increase from 2015)

What no one talks about

One thing I believe to be very important is that people should pursue a job that they know they want to do. How many people grew up saying, “When I get older I want to be senior executive of a hedge fund.” Most likely no one. I believe that you should be doing something you thoroughly enjoy doing. Regardless of money. Money and greed run rampant in most people in this world. Do what you love, love what you do.

Facts Beat any Political Agenda.

My personal experiences in college thus far have been nothing but fun, and my classes have been very challenging and educational. But, I was very discouraged by a recent uninformed guest speaker in one of my classes.  The topic was regarding sexual assault occuring on college campuses through out the United States. Let me take you through her presentation. First, it started out very informative. She spoke to us explaining the number of girls who have been sexual assaulted and even cited her work. She had caught my attention, and of course there is no disputing facts especially since she cited background information. This presentation was mandatory for us to attend  and had been approved by the school, which for me, made this presentation more “authentic”.

The first problem

The first hiccup happened about 1/3 of the way through. She began speaking about “genders” and slipped in “gender fluid” after the words, male and female. She rigorously spoke, almost as if she did not want anyone to dispute her. Of course, being a man of science, I was unaware of what “gender fluid” meant, so I shot my hand up and asked. She responded by telling me that it meant you could choose your gender each day. She then asked, “does that make more sense?”. I looked around puzzled, wondering if I were the only one who just found this imperative information bizarre.  I really tried to comprehend. Does that really mean you can choose your gender each day? Like wearing a new outfit? My mind began racing with questions… “Why am I here” and , “do you think I can get this hour of my life back?”. Before I could respond, my friend said announced, “no actually that doesn’t make sense.” She then stated that it was the best way she could explain it and that we must move on. “WHAT?” Move on? I couldn’t comprehend and suddenly felt like I was back in 9th grade Mandarin class for the first time.

The second problem

The next flaw in her presentation was discovered when I read the slide caption. The woman was talking about “Cat calling” which in itself, in my perspective, is just a stupid thing to make a fuss about. The slide gave examples of this “cat calling” and the one statement that stood out to me was, “nice legs.” I could not prevent myself from questioning this. This could not be serious. So the logic behind this statement is that if I compliment a women on her legs, that is considered a “cat call” ? The reason this pissed me off so much is because this was a misinformed woman. That is a compliment in my eyes. “Cat calls” are “harassment?” I’m not sure if I can agree. So, I asked, “If a girl tells a man he has nice arms, is that a “cat call” as well?” I was discouraged that the speaker chose to dismiss the topic and refused to answer the question.

The third problem

Now we got into a so called ‘grey area’ of sexual assault. The speaker attempted to educate us on things such as rape coordinated with alcohol. I hope you can begin to understand the kind of topics we spoke about.  Let me begin my setting the mood in the room at this point. Most of us (the logical ones) knew that this woman was obviously misinformed, and/or pushing an agenda. The speaker stated that if you were bigger than someone, that you could be intimidating to a girl and that it could be considered sexual assault even if the woman had originally said “yes”. Not agreeing, I questioned.  I again raised my hand and asked, “So if I’m an inch taller than someone and I flex my muscles, would that be considered sexual assault?” When I asked this question, all hell broke loose. Everyone at that moment realized how ill thought out this presentation was and how easy I was picking it apart. The women was rattled, and moved from my question as quickly as she could. Of course sexual assault exists. But, to determine that a woman is intimidated by height of another, is the cause of sexual assault – no, I disagree.

The fourth and fifth problems

I know what your thinking. Wow, why didn’t they fact check her? I was wondering the same thing. The next problem came with her statistics. Luckily, I knew all about the subject. She stated that more women get raped than men.  Of course this was the first statistic that she did not provide a source. Why? I could not take this anymore. I raised my hand and said, “That’s actually not true more men get raped than women.” She was furious that I questioned her and asked me to explain.  “Well first of all, I did my research.  Secondly, if you look at prisoners you will find more men get raped than women.” Apparently, at this point, she just quit on her statistics because she didn’t bother responding to her false statement. Instead, she challenged my intellect. She asked me, “Okay, so if your so smart, what is the motive behind prisoners raping each other.” I responded saying, “Well  it’s either sexually motivated, or it could be a personal problem.” She then said, “Wrong, they actually do it to establish power.” Shockingly I actually agreed with that statement. I said, “Yes, I would agree with that, but it is still sexually motivated so I am not completely wrong”. Her response was not very intelligent. She said, “sorry, but how do you figure that?” At this point I didn’t know whether this lady was just lacking intellect, or just desperately wanted to believe her own stupidity. I responded, “Well, if it was for power, couldn’t they assert their dominance by beating the person up?”. I received no response.

Sixth problem

By this point, I knew that no matter what I said, it was not going to change her mind. I figured I would save my breath. She showed us a video on “rape culture” and stated that we all live in a rape culture. At this point, I was infuriated. We now ran out of time and there was no time to dispute her ‘facts.’ Considering this is my website however, I voice my facts. First of all, we don’t live in a rape culture. Anyone who says we do, is misinformed.  Stating we live in a rape culture is insinuating that we live in a society that promotes or celebrates rape. Absolutely NOT! Our entire country is not similar to parts of the Kongo where rape is used as a tactic of war. In the States, we DON’T celebrate rape or rapists.  We put them behind bars. It’s that simple.

The problem with higher education is that sometimes it seems that educators are more concerned with pushing an agenda then actually educating. Take it how it is.  However, college is still a place to learn life skills. My advice to other college students, do not be afraid to challenge ideas you do not agree with. It is okay to disagree.

Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL.

Let’s allow every person from every country into the United States. We are all people man! You can’t own land because the land belongs to mother nature.

You could not present to me an argument for illegal immigration that I have not heard and countered before. I’m serious, from completely vapid to having a bit of intellectual backup, I have heard them all.

The simple counter to all of these arguments is hidden in their own argument. Does the word “illegal” ring a bell? If you want to come into the greatest country in the world (I don’t blame you) just come in LEGALLY. Without over simplifying it, that is a valid counter to all illegal immigration tolerant people.

My most prevalent point is this: for example, if I wanted to, (as a citizen of the United States), visit Mexico illegally, I would be thrown in jail. I wouldn’t get to vote, I wouldn’t be demanding rights, and I wouldn’t be causing an uproar.

This is my biggest gripe with illegals. It’s not that they simply want to fly under the radar, they actually go into the street and protest for their rights. First of all, your not supposed to be here. The entitlement of illegal aliens trying to push an agenda fills my body with roars of laughter.

Let’s focus on Mexico quickly. Although the amount of illegal Mexicans living in our country has decreased, they still make up the majority of illegals in our country. In 2006 there were 5.6 million illegal Mexicans in the states. (Pew Research) Simply unacceptable, and we are fortunate enough to have a president that puts the United States first. There are illegals coming in that are raping, murdering, and selling drugs. That is a fact. To say, “well all that stuff goes on regardless” is simply invalid. The reason being is that regardless if rape, murders, and drug distribution already happen we need not to let it happen in more abundance.

My hope and prayer is that Americans realize that the west is the best. Look around. Notice how many people want to come here. Notice everything that happens in the States becomes world news. The United States is much more than a country. The United States is the land of the free. Regardless of how great our country is, we actually have people going around saying, “I hate the United States.” Not a problem, just leave and I am sure this great country will not miss swine like you.

Americans need to start realizing that illegal immigration is hurting our country also making it more dangerous. This issue is not a moral dilemma because quite frankly, let their own countries handle their own internal problems that they created THEMSELVES. Their problems are no ones but their own. Let’s put a halt on illegal immigration and help restore patriotism in our beautiful country.

Playboy has forgotten what genetics are

Political correctness has successfully infiltrated the minds of too many Americans. The United States as a whole is so worried about offending people we have actually decided to forget genetics are a non changeable aspect of life. It is pretty ironic that Democrats only believe in science when it helps their cause. In a rally, Hillary Clinton gave a speech on climate change and the need to vote. She is quoted saying, “If you believe in science, and you know that climate change is real…”
How ironic. I do believe in science actually Hillary, thats why when a male is born he continues to be a male regardless of how he dresses, how he feels, or what surgeries he gets.

Playboy as a brand has been a traditionally American magazine that showed off voluptuous women of all ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. Playboy set the standard for the modern day “nude” magazine. The greatness of playboy came from its exclusivity of models. The one aspect all these females shared regardless of race, religion, or background was the genetics which they were born with. They were all female.

As you may be aware, Playboy has announced that they will be adding the newest addition to the Playboy bunnies. His name is Ines Rau.

Yes you read that correctly. HIS name is Ines Rau.

Quite simply Cooper Hefner is either a business genius or a complete and utter moron.

If this is an attempt for young Cooper to establish a name for himself in his fathers business, bravo to him. However, your name will also be surrounded by a ton of controversy Cooper as you are playing a dangerous game by disregarding genetics.

In the case that Cooper is buying into this mainstream idea of catering to the triggered liberals and caring more about feelings than facts, that is a shame. Cooper, your father has been dead less than a month. (R.I.P. Hugh you were a legend) Please Cooper stop twisting his business into something he would not approve of.

We also should not count out the possibility that this is an attempt to stir controversy in order to save the company considering its steady decline in sales. We have seen business moves such as these work by stirring controversy forcing people to talk about the issue regardless of if the talk was negative. Actually, we have seen tactics like this used by President Donald Trump. Of course the one thing we know by watching the news is that negativity sells, and playboy needs to sell something considering that their print and digital sales are down 16%. (According to CBS news. Article written by Rory Maher)

Playboy used to be a company every American knew, and to say that they have lost their lust is an understatement. Hopefully they re-think their marketing scheme and continue to be a company that showcases only females.

Should knives be banned in the United States?

If there is anything you can learn from the left, it’s that their belief is it is not the man that pulls the trigger who is at fault for a shooting, but the gun itself is at fault. If you follow even basic politics, you have most likely stumbled upon news paper articles, news programs, or radio shows talking about “assault weapons” as “killing machines.” Even Jimmy Kimmel has given his two cents, because of course comedians are the exact people I want to gather my political agendas from.

What if the whole argument of “assault weapons” being “killing machines” could be disbanded with one statistic?

Fear not, because it can.

Consider this next time you hear the term “killing machine” for an “assault rifle”. According to the FBI UCR, you are more than four times as likely to be stabbed to death (1604 stabbing deaths in the U.S. in 2016) than to be killed by ANY rifle (374 people killed with rifles in  the U.S. in 2016.)

I know what you are most likely thinking right now. It’s okay, I thought the same thing when I read those numbers.

America needs to issue a blanket knife ban. There needs to be stricter background checks on these maniacs who purchase knives as well. Do people even realize how easy it is to go into the store and buy a knife? Knives clearly have no other purpose but to hurt people.

Hopefully people can get the sarcasm in this argument for there is no one from the far left raising hell over knives even though they clearly cause more damage in society.

While watching an interview on youtube as I normally do, I could not help but hysterically laugh at the stupidity of some people (I won’t name who but I’m sure you can make the assumption). While Owen Shroyer of interviewed a random leftist on the street who made her opinion clear that there should be no way students or teachers should carry guns, he asked the question “what would you do if there was an active school shooter?” The women gave the response “hide, wait for the police and lock the door.” To which Owen responded “oh so you’re going to wait for someone with a gun to come help you?”

That pretty much sums up the left on gun control. Its hard for them to realize that guns actually do great things for America by preventing crime.

The easiest way to support my claim on guns preventing crime is to state one simple word. Fear. Since roughly 1991 property crime (such as home invasion)  has been plummeting at  significant rates each year while legal handgun supply has continuously been sky rocketing.

crime-and-guns-property-crimes-and-handgun-supply1Source: Crime data from bureau of Justice Statistics online)

It is a simple formula really. Break into someones house they are likely to have a gun and you are more likely to get shot.

The platitudinous of the gun shaming liberals arguments are simple to beat. Offer statistics and they will run like cowards, or they will start yelling. There is no way of telling which route they will take but if they are dressed in a “I’m with her” shirt or “feel the burn” shirt I would hold my hands over my ears because it will most likely trigger them to hear the facts.