We NEED the Wall

You may find yourself in support or against the wall in which President Donald J. Trump had run his campaign off constructing. Of course, it takes a considerable amount of research to find the “true” good and bad of the wall as every news outlet has a bias. Regardless of my conservative bias, I am fair enough to know when a Republican view, or candidate is non-beneficial to our society (such as John McCain, but that’s an article in itself). I did my own research, from multiple sources and this is what I concluded:

I am pro wall.

President Trump has said, “Mexico is sending their rapists.” In an “open discussion” (really just a debate in disguise) at my university between the College Republicans and the College Democrats, one man said that the quote previously stated Donald Trump’s quote was “openly racist.” Of course, me knowing my facts, I relayed a statistic reported in a Huffington Post article. The statistic acknowledged that 80% of young women crossing the border illegally are raped at some point in their crossing. This might come as a shock, as it did to me. The relevance of this statistic shows the values of some of these illegals who are involved in the crossing of the border. These people, (for the reader’s future debates) are called “coyotes.” So yes, if the “coyotes” are the kinds of people who are so-called “experts” in border crossing, why should our country not build a wall to keep them out?

More importantly, it is evident that with the wall present it will in term cut the spending of the taxpayer’s money. According to The Department of Homeland Security, it cost ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) $3.2 billion in 2016 to, “identify, arrest, detain and remove undocumented immigrants.” To put it moderately, that is a lot of money out of the taxpayer’s pockets.

The last reason I support the construction of the wall is that the wall will help increase the job market. It has been reported and confirmed that since President Donald Trump took office, illegal immigration is down 17%. That is an astounding figure driven by minor changes thus far, but mostly rhetoric from the President. President Trump reminds me of Ronald Reagan in the sense that when he proposes an idea, he wholeheartedly believes in it. It is not merely an effort to get re-elected. We will now step back from the wall in our country and look at the wall in Israel. In Israel, since the construction of the wall, illegal immigration is down 99%. Yes, 99%! By stopping illegal immigration, it will bring jobs back to the American people. How do I know? Let me present the evidence.

Since Trump took office: 

Illegal immigration down 17%

Black unemployment: lowest it has been in 17 years (7.4%)

Latino unemployment: all-time low. (4.7%)


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