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The ​United States and North Korea are cool now, let’s see what the left decides to complain about this time.

I never got tired of reading the headlines and listening to the brain dead left gripe about how Trump was on his way to causing world war 3. Well, that did not go exactly as planned.  On June 12th, 2018, the beautiful president of the United States met with the leader of North Korea. Is there going to be a war? Not exactly. Actually, North Korea has promised to denuclearize. Wow. #Dumptrump, am I right? Where is the praise for Trump? Where are the headlines?

Why is the right winning? The right is winning because Americans have become sick of the left’s hatred towards America. The left would rather Trump fail than do well in order to further push their agenda. Pathetic and un-American. Let’s face it, the left has become vindictive.



Stop with the name calling.

There is a very consistent problem that occurs whilst talking about politics. Whether that is in the classroom or the professional world of politics. There is a misconception that both sides have against each other. Personally being a fiscal conservative and mostly rights leaning libertarian socially, I countless times been labeled racist, Mexican hating, homophobic, and much more. The truth is, I am none of these things.

Everyone needs to stop grouping people because of their political stance. Donald Trump was not my first choice in the primary election, he was actually my third. However, I am proud of something’s he has done such as the tax cut, but also not so proud of other things. Regardless, I would not have voted for Hillary because of the fact that she was one of the most corrupt politicians of my short time on earth so far.

To both sides, we need to stop judging people based on who they voted for. If I vote Republican, it does not make me a white supremacist. If you vote democrat, you are always not a green haired millennial who is offended by everything.

While reading this, you may have thought I was being a tad hypocritical considering I have made broad statements about the left as a whole, yes I have. Why? I write in a format to be entertaining whilst making a point. Of course, I do not actually believe anyone who voted for a Democrat is automatically to blame for everything. However, I have noticed a pattern in the people I talk to. The majority of the people I have talked to that are democrat have fit the stereotypes more than the Republicans I have talked to. Yes, it does sound biased.

Regardless, this is a call of peacefulness to both sides. If you want to get anywhere politically, we need to work together. If something is good for America, do it. Let’s all come together to make America great.

Modern Day Feminism is Disgusting​

Feminism was once a great and heroic cause that was at the time revolutionary. First wave feminism had real causes to advocate for, one being women suffrage. Equality is one of the fundamental parts of a democracy, and without a doubt, these brave women had a great cause.

Modern day feminism, however, is a stupid cause that demonizes men and wastes time on issues that are rather unimportant. Feminism has become a group of people that have not done their research, and have aligned themselves with the left.

Myth 1: The wage gap

The most annoying myth of them all, that is why I started with this one. The wage gap is not a problem to be solved, and it is also non-existent. Christina Hoff-Sommers (a feminist) even disbanded the argument with her own research.  It comes down to people not knowing the difference between earnings and wages. The way you get a 13 cent gap difference in the earnings of men and women is if you take the earnings from men and women across the board in all occupations. This number does not take into count the choices the two sexes make. I am currently reading a book called “Why Men Earn Moreby Warren Farrell, and I challenge anyone who thinks my research is manipulated to read it. Facts, regardless of your feelings are still facts. Women make different life choices and most times it ends up with them making less money. Here are some facts about the wage gap:

Myth 2: Occupation sexism

Feminists have been nagging at this for the past 2 or so years.  Saying things like, “There are not enough women in high positions” or “Higher paying fields are dominated by men.” Yes, the second one is true, because women choose to pick lower paying occupations (as mentioned in the first myth). Their first grievance is just utterly stupid. How many women have to hold positions of power until they’re happy? That is open to interpretation with no elaboration on how much they want. Also what about equality, what if the man is just more fit for the job than the women? Here is my grievance with the feminist argument. They want “equality” where they see fit. There is no cry for more women to be in the field of Boilermakers, brick masonry, stonemasonry, septic tank servicing, sewer pipe cleaners and trash collectors which are all 99% male occupied jobs. Also if feminism is about “equality of the sexes” why is there no cry for more male preschool teachers which is 92% female. I don’t know about your personal experiences, but I’ve never seen any movement for more women in sanitation, oh wait, there is none.

Myth 3: Rape culture

This myth is the most absurd to put it lightly. To say we live in a rape culture insinuates that we celebrate rape, we don’t. The fact of the matter is that more men are raped than women. Where are the rallies to help all these innocent men? Do feminists stand outside prisons chanting? No. Of course women get raped, and it is horrible without a doubt, but feminism is about equality so we need to get the rape down with both sexes.

Feminism is dying, and that is because it is no longer about equality. That is why 85% of Americans believe in inequality of the sexes but only 18% identify as a feminist.

To Whom it May Concern…

I never shy away from giving my opinion. This has brought controversy to my name and I knew it would as I purchased this website for my platform.  I am not afraid to be controversial. Politics is what I love. I will never shy away from a debate, I will never shy away from another opinion. The problem I have is that people want to silence me. I propose a question to those people: What is so scary about a 150 pound, 5’9, 18-year-old? Oh I know actually, it is the fact that my opinions are followed up by facts, and since they oppose your opinions you are scared. You are scared to look at the new era of writers, those who are not afraid and those who do their homework on the subject matter.

The reason I am writing this article at 2:11 am on a Wednesday morning in the heart of finals week is because I have become aware that people genuinely want to shut me down. My email account: attempted break-in. Both my Instagram accounts: hacked. My website: attempted break-in. Sad.

I know exactly what your hate for my website and brand stems from, fear. I do not fear anyone trying to silence me for you are a coward. I fear a nation that silencing anyone because of their opinion is accepted. Free speech is exactly that, free. If you don’t like it, close your ears. It is a constitutional right. This happening to me proves the basis of my argument from the beginning. A large section of this nation wants to silence those who give differing opinions.

For my readers, thank you for being loyal. I hope you all can hear other sides of politics and not try to silence them, but rather engage in civil discourse. I want nothing more than a country in which a differing opinion is not accepted by all but respected by all.

Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL.

Let’s allow every person from every country into the United States. We are all people man! You can’t own land because the land belongs to mother nature.

You could not present to me an argument for illegal immigration that I have not heard and countered before. I’m serious, from completely vapid to having a bit of intellectual backup, I have heard them all.

The simple counter to all of these arguments is hidden in their own argument. Does the word “illegal” ring a bell? If you want to come into the greatest country in the world (I don’t blame you) just come in LEGALLY. Without over simplifying it, that is a valid counter to all illegal immigration tolerant people.

My most prevalent point is this: for example, if I wanted to, (as a citizen of the United States), visit Mexico illegally, I would be thrown in jail. I wouldn’t get to vote, I wouldn’t be demanding rights, and I wouldn’t be causing an uproar.

This is my biggest gripe with illegals. It’s not that they simply want to fly under the radar, they actually go into the street and protest for their rights. First of all, your not supposed to be here. The entitlement of illegal aliens trying to push an agenda fills my body with roars of laughter.

Let’s focus on Mexico quickly. Although the amount of illegal Mexicans living in our country has decreased, they still make up the majority of illegals in our country. In 2006 there were 5.6 million illegal Mexicans in the states. (Pew Research) Simply unacceptable, and we are fortunate enough to have a president that puts the United States first. There are illegals coming in that are raping, murdering, and selling drugs. That is a fact. To say, “well all that stuff goes on regardless” is simply invalid. The reason being is that regardless if rape, murders, and drug distribution already happen we need not to let it happen in more abundance.

My hope and prayer is that Americans realize that the west is the best. Look around. Notice how many people want to come here. Notice everything that happens in the States becomes world news. The United States is much more than a country. The United States is the land of the free. Regardless of how great our country is, we actually have people going around saying, “I hate the United States.” Not a problem, just leave and I am sure this great country will not miss swine like you.

Americans need to start realizing that illegal immigration is hurting our country also making it more dangerous. This issue is not a moral dilemma because quite frankly, let their own countries handle their own internal problems that they created THEMSELVES. Their problems are no ones but their own. Let’s put a halt on illegal immigration and help restore patriotism in our beautiful country.