Is College Necessary?

For starters, yes, I am a college student. Do I feel college is necessary? Hell no. Making money boils down to various aspects of a human. Be ambitious, have a relentless work ethic, and be social. Without those three characteristics, it will undeniably be much harder to make money.

The Great Myth

I’m sure that everyone reading this article has either said, or heard the statement, “You cannot get a job without a college degree now.” Not only do I disagree with the statement, I believe that it is arrogant.

Obviously, there is factual evidence that can be manipulated to show that without a college degree most people earn less money. I am not shying away from this, and it does not disband my claim. I will show those numbers here:

High school dropouts anual salary: $21,000

High school graduates that do not go to college anual salary: $30,000

College graduates anual salary: $50,000

Behind the numbers

Yes, this does show a clear difference that education reflects in relation to salary. However, there are other elements to these numbers that are beyond the actual statistics. I believe that there is another aspect of why they’re earning this amount of money.

High school dropouts

The problem with high school drop outs is a tricky one to pin point. The most prevalent argument is based off a study done by America’s Promise Alliance. They conducted a study that showed that most high school drop outs lived in  “toxic environments.” This was often due to them experiencing violence in the workplace. Yes, it is not the kids fault for having shitty parents. I am aware. But, have you ever heard of a G.E.D? Really, it is not that hard. The only thing blocking these people from getting one is excuses they make for themselves. Again, this falls under ambition (and the fact that 18% of them have been or are in jail and 11% of them involved in gangs)

High School Graduates that do not go to college

Let me start by saying, this is a group of people who are deemed the “middle class” of intelligence by some if not most. Intelligence is not formed by the amount of schooling you achieve. I will whole heartedly defend people who choose not to go to college, because I honestly believe college is more of a business than anything. You know what is better than a college education? Experience. Regardless, it does not mean you were “too stupid” to go to college if you choose not too. My opinion? Self educate. The one piece of advice I am extra thankful for came from my mom and dad (of course). They always hammered into my head, “reading is the most important thing you can do.” I fully believe that . A study done by Renaissance Learning, Inc. showed that out of a compilation of 40 books read by students for school grades 9-12 were not much over a fifth grade level.

Without diving too much into the education system itself (for the sake of getting off topic), it shows that you most likely are not getting the greatest education anyway. Read on your own. Read everything you can.


One of the most prevalent reasons for not going to college is obviously the money issue and how expensive college has become. My greatest complaint is how much the cost of tuition has increased, and at a staggering amount.

Increase in college tuition since records began in 1978: 1,220% 

I am sure this plays a huge role in each individuals decision on whether or not they decide to go to college. The simplistic version of my argument is income over debt.

Average debt after college in 2016: $37,172. (That is a 6% increase from 2015)

What no one talks about

One thing I believe to be very important is that people should pursue a job that they know they want to do. How many people grew up saying, “When I get older I want to be senior executive of a hedge fund.” Most likely no one. I believe that you should be doing something you thoroughly enjoy doing. Regardless of money. Money and greed run rampant in most people in this world. Do what you love, love what you do.