Can California become two states?

Well, here we go. Another loony idea by the Californians. Some people in California have decided that they are “ungovernable” so they plan on talking to Congress in order to split the state into multiple states.

Well, will it work?  

No, most likely not. There have already been five attempts to break California into multiple states, all of which failed.

  • 1941
  • 1965
  • 1992
  • 2011
  • 2014

And now of course 2018.

What I find ridiculous is that they claim it is due to “high taxes.” Yes, you do have high taxes, that is why the middle class of California has been fleeing the state in absurd numbers. The part of this new plan that I do not understand is why make a new state? Why can’t you just move? California, regardless of if you create a new state, will still be home to the poor and the very rich. It is warm, and close to the beach, with great views. That is a draw to the rich, and the people who fail at attempting to become rich.

Also, without the consent of Congress, it would be considered unconstitutional, and they would most likely be considered an enemy of the United States. (Article 4 section 3 of the constitution)

So basically what I am saying is California, stop. You will not break into two states, it will fail like the other attempts.


Personal Accomplishments do Not Make Your Country Any Better

After reading Buzzfeed’s cancerous article about Trump’s comments, I could not help but laugh. Basically, for those who missed it, there have been reports that said that President Trump called Haiti a “shit-hole” country in a UN meeting.  Regardless if he is correct, that is not what this article is solely about.

Buzzfeed’s article was, of course, trying to prove Trump wrong, but failing. Miserably. They pinned a bunch of tweets made by people from Haiti listing their accomplishments. 

The reason this article is so funny is that regardless of what these people accomplish, it does not make their country any better. 

Sorry to be the one to say it, but personal accomplishments does not constitute a well developed, safe, or economically sound country, at all.

Here is the truth, Haiti is a VERY dangerous country. The Canadian government gave this warning to travelers:

Risk level- High

Exercise with a high degree of caution in Haiti due to high crime rates in various parts of the country and ongoing political tension. Avoid non-essential travel to neighborhoods of Martissant, Carrefour, Bel Air and Cité Soleil, in the Port-au-Prince area, as the security situation is particularly unstable and dangerous.

Well isn’t that putting it lightly, and that’s from Canada, the “nicer” country.

Are you from the US? Even better for you. BBC wrote, “US citizens have been victims of violent crime, including murder and kidnapping, predominantly in the Port-au-Prince area. No one is safe from kidnapping, regardless of occupation, nationality, race, gender, or age,

So steadfast are you to jump to the aid of these people, at least realize you are a target if you go there. Want to blame Trump? Just remember what Hillary did there. As reported by the national review, “The Clinton foundation got rich off poor Haitians.”

Before you become outwardly angry about language which was used to describe a country, read up on said country.

Rap Music is Plagued​ With Morons

Rap music is nothing short of an entire genre of mostly low intellect individuals. People who have created an entire career of glorifying murder, drugs, and misogyny.

However, does it not say something when all of these “gangsters” hate Donald Trump? They are driven by fear, fear of a man who does not tolerate degenerates. You have people like Eminem who made a career of being counter-cultural (which is now characteristically right), being portrayed as a hero for calling Donald Trump a racist. Guess what? Everyone in Hollywood and music already does ridicule Donald Trump, so Eminem you are nothing but the same. You are no longer counter-cultural at all, you are the average Joe of rap now, and that comment was proven right by his new album (which was horrid in comparison to his older albums.)

Eminem concluded his freestyle rap on President Trump by saying to his supporters, “if you can’t decide who to stand beside, ill do it for you with this, fuck you” as he proceeded to put up his middle finger to the camera. Wow, Marshal, you got us. From a man who made a career of being a homophobic drug addict, you are right, I should take my political advice from you. Eminem, you’re washed up, and not edgy. You could’ve died a legend, but now your merely a man who fell off at the end.

The Game is another rapper who doesn’t like our president. Once a great rapper, now gone social justice warrior. In his song “El Chapo” he rapped a very vivid depiction of killing Donald Trump. Also his friend Snoop Dogg, who is a legend also portrayed shooting the president in his music video for his song “lavender”. Would you be surprised to hear that they met with LAPD in an effort to “stop killings”? Well, I was. So you want to stop “senseless murder” while rapping about murder? That’s a tactic of peace I have never heard before. The Game said, “Come one black community we need to unite. Before we can get our lives to matter to anyone else, we have to show that our lives matter to us.”How convenient, so the black communities lives matter, but not your president? What a great way to spread peace guys, you’re real heroes.

All I am preaching is that kids are very easily influenced, so why not rap in a peaceful light? If you truly care about others, don’t make “exceptions” when you feel like it. This is not a demand either, I am all for free speech and freedom of expression, but don’t be a hypocrite.

Coolest Monkey In the Jungle

If you haven’t already heard about the controversy regarding H&M, let me fill you in.

H&M is a Swedish garment company that is popular for their cheap clothing and trendy styles. They have recently come under fire for using an African American child to model a hoodie that says ‘Coolest Monkey In The Jungle.’ Many are accusing the company of racial discontent for their negligence of the repugnant relationship between the word “Monkey” and the African American community. While the advertising for the sweatshirt was nonetheless inflammatory for some, the product itself was in no shape or form racist.

Before I begin I must clarify the following: I am not defending H&M, nor do I advocate the idea that H&M is a wholesome company, but I believe it is unfair to accuse the company of portraying racist beliefs when the accusations themselves are racist. Imagine that the product was modeled on a White child. Nobody would have said anything, given that there is no history of “monkey” being used as a racial slur for Whites. With a White boy as a model, does this mean that H&M is now calling all white people monkeys? No, because a sweatshirt with the word “monkey” on it is not racist. So, what’s the difference between a White model an African American model? There is none, nor should be any, because all races should be treated equally. People fail to realize that we will never achieve true equality if we continue to identify people by their color. If you truly see a problem with an African American boy wearing the sweatshirt, but no problem with a White boy wearing the sweatshirt, then it is you who is associating the racial slur, “Monkey,” with the model of color, thus perpetuating its racial context.

This whole situation should have been a wake-up call to ‘social justice warriors’ when the mother of the model, Terry Mango, recognized the controversial advertisement as an ‘unnecessary issue.’ “That’s my son… I’ve been to all [his] photo shoots and this was no[t] an exception, everyone is entitled to their opinion about this.” She added, “This is one of [the] hundreds of outfits my son has modeled… stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue.” At this point, SJW arent fighting for anybody; They will continue to give their two cents on the matter until the next major news story develops– and nobody needs that, especially not the child’s mother. Until then, the most we can do is just armor up and ride it out.

What surprises me the most is how many people are actually outraged by a sweatshirt, yet fail to acknowledge the far more substantial problems regarding the company. H&M is one of the largest international clothing manufacturers, as they retain dozens of supplier factories in 35 different countries around the world. There’s no question that a company of this caliber requires a massive amount of (child)labor to manufacture enough product to distribute internationally. On the outskirts of Rangoon, girls as young as 14 worked in H&M’s supplying factories. Their typical shifts lasted 15 hours, for whole weeks at a stretch. The situation in Myanmar’s H&M factories was uncovered in 2016 by Swedish investigative journalists Moa Kärnstrand and Tobias Andersson Åkerblom. The two spent years studying working conditions in garment factories like those of H&M. Within the same year, their discoveries were released in a book entitled “Modeslavar,” which translates to “Fashion Slaves.”

“There is one girl we write about in the book, she was 14 when she started and as with the other girls, she worked 12 hours a day at some points. She told us that she was not allowed to leave the factory for lunch so her mum had to sneak lunch in through the factory fence,” Åkerblom says.

In addition to the employment of under-aged girls, many of H&M’s factories lack standard safety features including those as basic as fire escapes. H&M was the first major company to follow the 2013 Accord on Fire and Building Safety after the disastrous collapse of a Rana Plaza factory that killed 1,129. However, in February of 2016, a factory in Bangladesh that manufactured material for H&M caught on fire early in the morning, injuring four and taking firefighters four hours to contain. Local news reports showed workers jumping from windows as the flames raged above them. Had the fire set ablaze a few hours later, the building would have been filled with nearly 6,000 workers. Since then, H&M has issued a statement, “The Accord is working towards a transformation of a whole industry, in a low-income country, to Western safety standards.” Progress, however, is significantly reluctant. Washington-based Workers Rights Consortium director Scott Nova says, “…And while there has been some progress in some of those factories, the reality is that the majority of H&M’s factories in Bangladesh still aren’t safe more than a year after the safety renovations were supposed to be completed.”

It’s sickening to think that Americans are more concerned over a garment of clothing than they are with the fundamental human rights of the working class. I am unsure if people are just unaware of what is happening across the globe, or if they just choose to ignore it because it’s not “trending.” Unlike the facts against H&M’s fair treatment of factory workers, it’s easy to show hostility towards the sweatshirt incident because it is an issue being discussed by everyone virtually everywhere thanks to social media. It’s ridiculous how people are so quick to take offense to a matter that relates to ‘blacks’ being mistreated by ‘whites,’ especially when there are (FACTUAL)ongoing problems far worse than (OPINIONATED)accusations. Hopefully, I’ve shed some light on an actual human rights issue for you, but if you still choose to denounce H&M over a sweatshirt, may I please suggest that you imagine yourself -or your children- in the shoes of one of their factory employees.

Marijuana vs Alcohol

This will probably be the most libertarian article on America As Is. First, let me start with my stance on drugs and alcohol. My belief is that all drugs should be legal with the exception of drugs that could cause the user to harm others.

Let us start with alcohol. Personally, I believe that if you can sign up for the United States Military, you should be able to have a beer as well. The problem occurs with the effects of alcohol. The following are short-term effects of alcohol use:

Emotional Changes 


Slurring of speech

Sleep disruption

Lowering of body temperature

First, we will dissect the problem with these short-term effects. The big two are drowsiness and emotional changes. Although there is no problem with drowsiness itself, it can cause some clumsiness which can lead to mistaken self-harm (falling, walking into something, etc). Emotional changes can, however, cause serious problems. I personally do not care at all if someone hurts themselves from the effects of drinking, it was their choice they knew the risks. I do care about the effects emotional changes can have on that person. Not because it can have an effect on their own safety, but because they can harm others around them. Alcohol increases the likelihood of becoming aggressive. Alcohol can especially have an effect on a relationship. Two thirds of victims of intimate partner violence had reported that their partner had been drinking. Even worse, 40% of convicted murderers had used alcohol during or before the time of their crime.
I do not disagree with the consumption of alcohol, but my belief is that people need to be more responsible prior to consumption.

Now for the discussion about marijuana. My belief is that marijuana can actually be a very beneficial thing, not for people, but for the states. As most of you are probably aware, marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states. The greatest reason I am for the legalization of marijuana is the economic benefits of selling legal marijuana. In 2015 the state of Colorado collected $135 million in taxes from the sales of marijuana. Not only does it have benefits of income, it also creates jobs. A study found that legalization of marijuana will create 41,000 jobs in Nevada. However, marijuana can still disrupt your driving skills. I still think that if you choose to smoke marijuana, you should not drive.


Both marijuana and alcohol should be legal. My conclusion, however, is that due to the outlaw of marijuana for so many years, legalizing it will bring more sales, creating more jobs and tax income for the states. These taxes should then be redistributed into the free market.

The Social Justice Warriors Known As NFL Athletes

With the playoffs coming up, it is time to talk about football. Sure, it is your right to protest, and that is protected by the 1st amendment. There is no arguing that. The NFL, however, is losing money, a lot of it. Is it worth it? Do these players care more about their message or their money? I guess we’ll find out shortly as NFL ratings continue to drop. Apparently, Sunday night football has the lowest amount of views per week since 2008. The NFL has quickly become the same as Hollywood, a plethora of intellectually soft fools who did no research about the cause they are advocating for.

Their cause

Apparently, by kneeling for the national anthem they are protesting police brutality. Obviously, by kneeling, police will stop killing people. Here is the part the really pisses us off at America As Is: they are protesting the police brutality against only minorities. The reason their cause is ill thought out and just plain stupid is that police brutality is an issue, regardless of who they kill. Playing these identity politics just divides the country further. The left has become great at this.

It must be nice to be informed about politics from people that make millions of dollars a year. Not just that, but the way they advocate for their cause is to kneel during the national anthem, which just so happens to represent the greatest country on earth. Yeah, police brutality is horrible, no matter what color the person is, but you’re not doing anything but making people hate the NFL by kneeling during the anthem. Want to make a change? You can start by doing something about it other than kneeling before the game, you half-witted morons. If you hate what our country stands for so much, leave. The hypocrisy of these people saying they hate the internal systems of our country and how it is racist, meanwhile they’re making millions playing a game.

You Can’t Change History, So Please Stop Trying.

The left has found yet another crucial piece of American history to pick apart and criticize— Columbus Day. Progressives see Columbus’ discovery of the West as nothing more than a genocidal conquest. They see Columbus, the very man who discovered our beloved country, as a sociopathic murderer who took land from the innocent. Completely disregarding that if it weren’t for him we would all still be in the United Kingdom sipping on overpriced tea, leftists still choose to boycott the iconic date. Whether you choose to celebrate the holiday or not, that’s on you. It’s your right as an American to celebrate what you please, just keep in mind that history is history. It’s not a debate. It’s not a discussion. It happened— whether you agree with it or not. What bothers me the most about controversial topics like Columbus Day are those who choose to ignore it and those who even try to get rid of it. This year especially, there were countless incidents reported about how Columbus Statues were vandalized and destroyed. When I see news reports like this, I think to myself, “What do you get out of this?” Other than a warrant for your arrest, nothing.

News flash: You can’t just change history by destroying evidence of it. That’s not how it works. If I broke into the National Archives and somehow managed to rip up the constitution, would that make America a lawless jungle? No, because like I said, that’s not how anything works. So what does removing a statue do? Nothing. If you think a Robert E Lee statue is racist, why would you remove it? Removing a monument from your surroundings doesn’t change the fact that something as big as the civil war happened— And just because you don’t agree with one side(the side that LOST may I add) doesn’t mean you get ultimate power to decide between what is commemorated and what is forgotten about. If liberals could successfully change America’s past by simply closing their eyes and covering their ears, anybody who’s ever learned to read would know that whatever happened is definitely just going to happen again. History repeats itself. If we deleted every piece of American history that wasn’t completely made up of sunshine and rainbows we wouldn’t be living in America at all—we’d be living in a fairytale liberal wasteland. In fact, the only place that comes to mind is in George Orwell’s 1984. For those who haven’t read it, the entire novel revolves around this dystopian society that’s ruled by one dictatorial party. The protagonist works in a building called the “Ministry of Truth” where his literal job is to rewrite old news articles to fit the current views of the ruling party. Even though 1984 was written in the late 40s, I still fear that we inch closer and closer to a society like this everyday— where the truth is concealed for the sake of the majority. Instead of directly rewriting history, it is being changed by the liberal agenda through subtle selective omission: removal of statues, changing the names of public schools, DISREGARD FOR NATIONAL HOLIDAYS, etc. The people who believe that they are being tolerant and progressive by purposely excluding certain aspects of history from their lives are the same people who are unknowingly deteriorating the very foundation that our country was built on. Whatever you try to hide will come back and find you, whether it’s tomorrow or 40 years from now. History always repeats itself.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” —George Orwell

Public School Education Failing our Country

There is no question that dropout rates are much higher in public schools than that of Catholic schools. In a data research that was gathered from 1,015 schools across the United States, 14 percent of Sophomore students in public high school dropout as opposed to only 3 percent in that of Roman Catholic high schools. This links right to the concerningly high crime rate in America which directly connects to the dropout rates considering the fact that  68 percent of state prison inmates do not have a high school diploma. “Across the country, 68 percent of state prison inmates don’t have a high school diploma. And according to researchers, a 10 percentage-point increase in graduation rates has historically reduced murder and assault rates by approximately 20 percent.If public schools do not do anything to lessen this dropout rate than the crime rate in this nation will continue to grow making the United States a less safe environment to live in.
A big factor as to why these public schools are failing is that parents are not active in their kid’s school functions or at home learning which adds to the failure of public schools.

Another factor that adds into this sense of failure within public schools is that they the schools are becoming overcrowded and the experience of a one on one learning style that is beneficial for the student is being taken away,“The smaller the class, the better the individual student experience.” A study by the National Center for Education Statistics found that 14 percent of U.S. schools exceed capacity.The classrooms need to be lessened in order to regain that sense of one on one learning style, but the size of the classrooms will most likely not be lessened with the ever growing population in this country

Therefore this raises the question, are private schools the future for the education of the youth?

Modern Day Feminism is Disgusting​

Feminism was once a great and heroic cause that was at the time revolutionary. First wave feminism had real causes to advocate for, one being women suffrage. Equality is one of the fundamental parts of a democracy, and without a doubt, these brave women had a great cause.

Modern day feminism, however, is a stupid cause that demonizes men and wastes time on issues that are rather unimportant. Feminism has become a group of people that have not done their research, and have aligned themselves with the left.

Myth 1: The wage gap

The most annoying myth of them all, that is why I started with this one. The wage gap is not a problem to be solved, and it is also non-existent. Christina Hoff-Sommers (a feminist) even disbanded the argument with her own research.  It comes down to people not knowing the difference between earnings and wages. The way you get a 13 cent gap difference in the earnings of men and women is if you take the earnings from men and women across the board in all occupations. This number does not take into count the choices the two sexes make. I am currently reading a book called “Why Men Earn Moreby Warren Farrell, and I challenge anyone who thinks my research is manipulated to read it. Facts, regardless of your feelings are still facts. Women make different life choices and most times it ends up with them making less money. Here are some facts about the wage gap:

Myth 2: Occupation sexism

Feminists have been nagging at this for the past 2 or so years.  Saying things like, “There are not enough women in high positions” or “Higher paying fields are dominated by men.” Yes, the second one is true, because women choose to pick lower paying occupations (as mentioned in the first myth). Their first grievance is just utterly stupid. How many women have to hold positions of power until they’re happy? That is open to interpretation with no elaboration on how much they want. Also what about equality, what if the man is just more fit for the job than the women? Here is my grievance with the feminist argument. They want “equality” where they see fit. There is no cry for more women to be in the field of Boilermakers, brick masonry, stonemasonry, septic tank servicing, sewer pipe cleaners and trash collectors which are all 99% male occupied jobs. Also if feminism is about “equality of the sexes” why is there no cry for more male preschool teachers which is 92% female. I don’t know about your personal experiences, but I’ve never seen any movement for more women in sanitation, oh wait, there is none.

Myth 3: Rape culture

This myth is the most absurd to put it lightly. To say we live in a rape culture insinuates that we celebrate rape, we don’t. The fact of the matter is that more men are raped than women. Where are the rallies to help all these innocent men? Do feminists stand outside prisons chanting? No. Of course women get raped, and it is horrible without a doubt, but feminism is about equality so we need to get the rape down with both sexes.

Feminism is dying, and that is because it is no longer about equality. That is why 85% of Americans believe in inequality of the sexes but only 18% identify as a feminist.

Finally, America First!

Without a doubt, President Trump has been the first president in a long time to put his people first. Yes, America is a powerhouse that should try to help other countries when needed. The problem is that the United States was being abused for help, and laughed at behind closed doors. They saw weakness as our smug ex-president Barak Obama tore apart our countries internal strength.

President Trump is doing great for those of you who are unaware or brainwashed by the media. I am going to break down 3 things of his presidency that I was most happy about.


DOW has risen 28.5% since Donald Trump was elected, the biggest election year rise since 1945.


  • Employers have added 1,189,000 new jobs from February through August.
  • Latino unemployment at an all-time low.
  • Black unemployment at a 17 year low.
  • Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan down.


  • $285 Million dollar budget slash to the UN.
  • Recognized the capital of Israel as Jerusalem.
  • The illegal border crossing at a 45 year low.
  • Cancellation of the Paris Climate Agreement.
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