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  • Nice job Niko

  • Look at you go

  • Niko, very well written . Keep up the good work

  • Who knew you were such a talented writer? So proud of you for keeping up with this blog. Each post is stronger than the next.

  • Great display of intelligence about this subject. Keep up the good work love Aunt Nicole

  • I’m so proud of you. Keep up the great work. I love all the different topics you write about

  • ANOTHA ONE! Keep it up. Looking forward to the next post already!

  • So proud of you!!!!

  • Matthew Ben-Yishay

    I have never been more proud of one of my friends. Keep informing the mindless zombies of the left as I will continue to support.

  • Love it Niko .

  • Liberals are like spoiled children who want and want and when they don’t get it they throw tantrums and blame everyone else
    When those who are capable of working stop looking for handouts and get back to working hard and respecting one another then we will get on the right path of making America Great Again.
    Well done Niko

  • You are the ultimate lady slayer

  • Well said, Niko. I find that many liberals resort to violence because they think they’re entitled to x or y. They think whatever they want should be granted to them because of the false belief that they “run the country” or the country runs for them. It’s a bit unbelievable how self-centered and uneducated some people can be.

  • Great article. I’m so proud

  • Well said Corey

  • Great article Remi, keep them coming . It’s writers like you that will keep our great history alive. I hope “America as is” web site keeps these great articles coming. It’s people who write for this web site that make the difference, and keep America great.

  • I hate rap, but I hate Trump and all the traitors who are stupid and evil enough to support him.