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About the Writers

Richard Brisket- Founder of the site. Born January 27th, 1975 in Louisiana. Currently a world-class tennis player. A political science major who was deemed “too smart for college” but continued to go anyway. Always rebellious, the war on free speech inspired him. After leaving his last journalism job, he decided to open his own news outlet. That is how America As Is was created.

John Bouchier- Contributor to the site. Born October 4th, 1896 in New Jersey. Currently an undergraduate at the University of Alabama. A political science major who plans on studying law.

Maldives O’Furgeson- Contributor to the site.  A business major. Grew up in a small town where his passion for world issues grew. Looking for a platform him and Niko began to talk where they instantly became best friends. Once America As Is opened, it was inevitable that the two of them would again get together.

Debra Odouya- Contributor to the site.  Planning on pursuing a biology major under a Pre-Medicine Track, college undecided. Although she prepares to study in the STEM field, Remi has always felt a connection towards political debate and socioeconomics.