The ​United States and North Korea are cool now, let’s see what the left decides to complain about this time.

I never got tired of reading the headlines and listening to the brain dead left gripe about how Trump was on his way to causing world war 3. Well, that did not go exactly as planned.  On June 12th, 2018, the beautiful president of the United States met with the leader of North Korea. Is there going to be a war? Not exactly. Actually, North Korea has promised to denuclearize. Wow. #Dumptrump, am I right? Where is the praise for Trump? Where are the headlines?

Why is the right winning? The right is winning because Americans have become sick of the left’s hatred towards America. The left would rather Trump fail than do well in order to further push their agenda. Pathetic and un-American. Let’s face it, the left has become vindictive.



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