The media’s​ deception: Trump and “animal” immigrants​.

It is no secret that each news source, writer, and editor has their own beliefs politically. For me, I am a conservative/libertarian who feels free to write about whatever it is I choose. The difference between me and mainstream media is that I can write however I want and I do not have to be subjective. Another great aspect of my writing is that I do not skew information and lie to the public, unlike the mainstream media. As a political science student at University, I have gained quite a bit of insight into the media and especially the public perception of mainstream news. Let me share some numbers and also remind you that my numbers are not cherry-picked or skewed.

A 2016 poll by showed that only 14% of Republicans said they had trust in the media.

I wonder why…

The same study also showed that 51% of Democrats have trust in the media.

You may find yourself asking, “why is the number so high with Democrats and so low with Republicans?” Let me explain.

I will talk more numbers (because liberals hate facts, perhaps because they’re undisputable).

  • A Harvard University Study found that the media outlets New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the main newscasts of CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC combined for a whopping 80% negative coverage of President Trump in his first 100 days of office.
  • CNN (who claim to be a non-biased news network) tied for the highest percentage of negative stories of Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. The number? 93% of stories published by CNN were considered negative coverage of the President. (Tied with NBC)

Well, if these companies are considered “subjective” than I want to be subjective as well. It is quite possible that Donald Trump had a horrid first 100 days in office and that these news companies were just doing their jobs correct? Let’s recap his first 100 days:

Would you consider these accomplishments negative? Perhaps for the media, spreading their own propaganda is paramount to doing their actual job of telling the truth. That is how I perceive it anyway.

Back to the negative news coverage of President Trump. I think it can be justified if the news and media treated Obama the same way in his first 100 days.

Well, I hope this does not come as a shock to you…

Negative news coverage percentage for Obama’s first 100 days: 41%. 

Baffling isn’t it? Not really…

Most of you have probably heard the false story of “Trump calling immigrants animals.” Sound familiar? If you mistook this story for true, congratulations, the media has deceived you. This story (which is completely false) shows the epitome of the disgusting, vile, deceptive, and downright filthy intentions of the media.

Let me give the background of this event:

Sherrif Mims asked President Trump a question about the notorious gang MS13. MS13 is a gang whose motto is,“Mata, viola, controla” which means “kill, rape, control”. President Trump responded by calling the people in MS13 animals. Horrible right? Click here and watch this monstrous act for yourself.

How did the media and elites respond to Donald Trump calling members of this gang “animals”? They jumped to the defence of the gang with tweets attacking Trump’s comments from: George Takei,’s  Hannah Jane Parkinson (who also said, “fuck anyone who voted for him [President Trump]”), Jennifer Rubin who is a “journalist” for the Washington Post, Kathy Griffin who is a “comedian” (you may remember her as the ugly lady who got in trouble for posing with a fake, decapitated head of Donald Trump covered in blood), Andrea Mitchell who is a MSNBC anchor, the list goes on and on. Rob Rousseau, a man who wrote published pieces for Vice Sports tweeted,

“I would rather my daughter dated a member of MS13 than a member of the Republican Party.”  -@Robrousseau

Impressively intelligent.

Why was this story reported on without these “journalists” doing even a bit of research? Because quick journalism is paramount to factual journalism. Not only that, why research when it’s easier to put out a false story to your followers to smear the president and then apologize after with no repercussions knowing that the damage has already been done and propaganda has already begun spreading?

A simply disgusting tactic that shows how vindictive the mainstream media is towards President Trump.

I challenge all readers to think for themselves rather than listen to propaganda the mainstream media is force feeding viewers.



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