Ye Vs. The People


Wake up and smell the coffee folks. Trump isn’t evil. Supporting him isn’t racist. He doesn’t implement white supremacy ideas. These were all lies supported and created by the media. Why were these lies created? In order to further their agenda and help the democratic party win and control the election and the country. The problem, obviously, is that their plan to paint Trump as a racist backfired.

Kanye support for Trump

In recent weeks, the rapper Kanye West has come out in support of Donald Trump on Twitter. Kanye tweeted things such as, “You don’t have to agree with trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.” This tweet obviously raised much attention as the president of the United States himself tweeted back to Kanye saying, “Thank you Kanye, very cool!” Also tweeting various pictures of him in a MAGA hat, and also taking time to write, “Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed.”

Obviously, whenever a black man comes out as a Trump supporter, it seems that everyone on the right is drooling over them. As if they don’t practice what they preach, the right seems to view black Republicans as an object to say, “Trump isn’t racist this black person supports him.” Regardless of this being true, Republicans should not have to use the support of black people of president Trump to emphasize that he is not racist. There is simply no evidence of president Trump being racist, thus he is not racist.

Anyway, how did the “tolerant” left deal with Kanye supporting Trump? The Verge said he has had a conversion to an “alt-right internet troll.” Alt-right? Really? I had no idea Kanye was not in support of Richard Spencer for president. Wanna hear rolling stones fantastic, subjective headline? “Why Kanye West’s pro-trump tweets are a real threat.” That one made me laugh. Especially as the rolling stone goes on in the article to become even more racist and say,

“It’s easy for some – particularly if you are white – to say that an extremely influential black man with a cult-like following aligning himself with a demagogue and racist movement is much ado about nothing, but the rest of us can’t shrug off the ramifications so swiftly.”

This is fear-mongering, racism, and propaganda all rolled up into one big, stupid article. And these people call themselves journalists. Shameful. It seems anyone can write an article and call themselves a journalist now, including me. Haha. The best part of the Rolling Stones article is when they say all conservatives “uphold a white patriarchy.”

Kanye shortly after obtaining a ton of hatred and treated for his tweets released a song entitled, “ye vs. the people”. The message in the song was clear. He wanted to show everyone that the right was not actually racist and free thinking was good. He says, “All Blacks gotta be Democrats, man, we ain’t made it off the plantation” with the intention of generating the idea of free thinking amongst black people.

How did black people respond to Kanye? 

Well, how did Kanye’s message do? Did it promote free thinking? Absolutely. In fact, support for President Trump doubled amongst black men after his tweets. Another fellow rapper named Chance tweeted, “Black people do not have to be Democrats.”


I think it is hilarious that every time someone with great media influence shows support for our president it is treated as if they are doing something awful. To honestly believe that Donald Trump is a white supremacist is idiotic and hilarious. Free thinking is a must, and in our country, it happens less and less. Obviously, though, people are becoming tired of the same narrative being pushed down their throat. Let’s continue to win, and let’s continue to make America great.


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