Feminism has become the movement of the loony.

As we all know, feminism has become a disgusting, man-hating, ludicrous movement that has of course gone too far yet again. The movement is beyond contradictory and there are many cases of that being evident. Let me elaborate before my email inbox is filled with hate from the feminists sending me the definition of feminism. I am aware feminism is supposed to be a movement attempting to make equality of the sexes. Yes, I would love that. In fact, I believe that the sexes are already equal. Here is my gripe: that is not what feminism has become. So intellectually low feminists are that they behave in a man-hating, vindictive way and expect us to believe that their movement holds any relevancy anymore. I especially love the male feminists. Any male feminist must be very happy with themselves considering they joined a movement full of people that hate them.


Feminism has been a prevalent advocate for the notion of more than two genders. What do I mean? You can be a man, women, dog, cat, or an iguana if you want to be. The world is your oyster. Or, you can be the oyster too if you would like. Well, feminists, have you considered this? LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer. Of course, there are also other letters that I simply do not care to include. Here is the comedy in this, if the B in LGBTQ stands for bi-sexual, are you saying there are only two genders? It seems as if they overlooked this aspect of their movement. Oh well, just keep chanting in the streets wearing your vagina hats.

My favorite story of feminists so far is the Doritos story. If you are not aware, Frito-Lay (the company who owns Doritos) has stated that they were going to make “Doritos for women.” Why? They are developing these chips because “They don’t like to crunch in public.” Oh really? So now the feminists are going to speak on behalf of all women? I thought females were the same as males, wasn’t that the whole movement? Equality? I guess we should’ve seen this coming, I always knew there was a long history of sexist chips.

We are different:

With the feminist notion of equality, they often say that men and women are exactly the same. Obviously, this is not true, biologically speaking of course.

Instead of pretending we are exactly the same, we should discuss science instead of feelings. Letting people who have stronger feelings on a subject manipulate the social construct of the country is the most regressive form of action ever recorded. We have the best technology to ever exist yet we are letting angry feminists dictate the countries goals and excellence.

Mythical Beliefs:

Have you ever seen a happy feminist? Me either. Obviously, I have not though because I am male scum according to them. The amount of times I have had feminists yelling in my face over my beliefs is astounding. Their breath always smells awful too most likely because toothbrushes are sexist. The fact, however, is that they do not want to hear the facts. Feminism also has these myths that they use to intimidate people. The wage gap, more than one gender, and the one in 4 statistic of college rape. All of these points are false, and that is just not up for debate. I urge all my readers to read up on that fact. My favorite feminist belief is that being fat is actually healthy. I adore this movement. Let me say this, it is not empowering being overweight regardless of if you are a man or women, it’s unhealthy. You know who does not think being fat is empowering? Your doctor. Your doctor thinks your dying. At least the feminists had the women’s march, it helped a ton (I am aware of the irony) of “beautiful” fat people get exercise. Brilliant.

All in all, feminism is a stupid movement that has evolved from a once great movement into something utterly stupid. I long for the day that these people grow up and turn into intellectually sound individuals that are capable of thinking for themselves.


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