Soy Boys

The new meme “soy boy” has emerged into the hands of the trolls of the internet. I must be honest, I am a fan. The simplicity of the meme, yet the sheer truth behind the meme is spectacular. The one thing about trolls, they do their homework.

What is a “soy boy” 

Loosely defined, a soy boy is a male who consumes soy regularly and lacks masculine qualities.

What can soy do to you?

Soy contains phytoestrogens called isoflavones that can mimic the hormone of estrogen in your body. Obviously, if you are a male that wants to be perceived as a male, you do not want a raised amount of estrogen in your body. Too much estrogen in a male body can have these effects: 

  • Infertility
  • Gynecomastia (The forming of larger breasts)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Obviously not ideal for any man that wants to remain sexually active and masculine looking in any sense. There has been much uproar saying, “well its artificial estrogen, so it does not actually make you more feminine.” Well, there is a cross-examination. The chemical RAD-140 is a lifting supplement that is a mimic of testosterone but is not actually testosterone. Studies of people using this supplement showed that even though it was not actually testosterone, the body still recognized it as that, and there was still natural testosterone suppression. Obviously, there is not 100% proof that these two are inherently going to affect the body in the same way, but there is no saying that it won’t either. Without using anecdotal evidence, there are tons of stories of males who have been drinking soy milk and began losing testosterone. One quick google search will show that, but still the independent said in an article, “based on the thinking that soy products increase men’s estrogen levels, even though this hasn’t been scientifically proven” That is untrue. It does make your estrogen levels increase. There was even an article about a man who had gynecomastia who had the doctor puzzled as to why. They went over everything and ran numerous tests looking for cancer. What did they find? The man had switched to soy milk years before and that was creating his feminine like features. The man said, “I began losing my facial hair, body hair, and even my feelings started to change.” 

Soy boys running wild

Obviously, if you want to be a soy boy, by all means, do it. It is a free country. I long for, however, a time in which masculinity is not demonized like the modern day era. How absurd that men are struck with such apparent guilt, the will chug liquid feminism in order to bath in the compliments from man-hating women. By all means, do as you please, but I will continue to lead the movement of men who want to be masculine.

If you are triggered by this article, stop being such a soy boy.


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