Remember when funny people were funny?


I long for the days in which I could escape the stress of school and laugh away my problems while watching people that get paid to make us laugh. Comedians, a very awarding occupation. Getting paid to make people laugh? Sign me up. There has been a swift decline in comedians I actually define as funny now though. It seems insulting the president is the new wow factor for most of these comedians. The list below is as follows, comedians that said they would flee the country if Donald Trump were to be elected. Obviously, there was no need to keep listing and listing, but below are in my opinion the most important 3.

Jon Stuart: John Stuart known from “The Daily Show” is a comedian (sort of) who told people he would be moving to Canada if Trump is elected. In my first year of college, I watched two skits from Jon Stuart. The first skit was a brilliant skit of discussing PAC’s and Super PAC’s. As I recall, he was with another arrogant comedian as well. Although I am happy that Jon exploited the very ill thought out laws when discussing Super PAC’S, I did not intend of tuning into a comedy show to watch two grown men laugh like school children at an exploit in the rule book. Quite literally they laughed like school children, that was by no means a pun. The other segment I watched of Jon Stuart was while on Crossfire. Jon opens up the segment (which he is not the host of) by asking “why do we have to fight” and turns to Tucker Carlson and says, “Say something nice about John Carrie.” Well, Jon, this is a debate show and Carrie was the Democratic nominee for the election that year. It is not a fight John, it is a debate in which people have different opinions. Jon then continues to bring his opinions to light while using the tone and simplicity of a 5-year-old. Jon, if you are so committed to being an American, (which is prevalent in the sense of how involved he is in American politics) why are you so steadfast to flee if the American people vote for something you don’t believe in? Simply put, it is utterly moronic. Jon still resides in the States.

Bryan Cranston: Known for his role in the popular show “breaking bad”, Bryan Cranston is yet another celebrity telling the media he will flee if Trump is elected. I will not tarnish Bryan Cranston because unlike Jon Stuart, he is funny. However, Bryan was quick to withdraw his comments after Trump was elected. Bryan goes onto say that he doesn’t want Trump to fail and if you do “F**k you.” Bryan has yet to move to Canada.

Keegan-Michael Key: Have you ever seen the show Key and Peele? Me either. I do recall laughing at one video this comedian made when I was 12. Key is a celebrity who once made 2 or 3 funny sketch comedy videos that once got a laugh, he repeated to make part 2’s and part 3’s and none the less, they were never as funny. Key had told a TMZ reporter that if Trump was elected he would be moving to Canada. Where is Key now? Still being utterly unfunny somewhere in the United States.

There is obviously an ongoing theme with these comedians, they bit the hand that fed them. Instead of making light-hearted jokes and catering to the people that listen to them, their narcissistic personalities devoured their logic. Donald Trump was not my first choice for the 2016 election, but regardless even if Hillary had won I would not leave this beautiful country. Where did all of their careers start? The United States of America. These “funny” people need to get a sense of nationalism and realize that insulting their fanbase for their political beliefs most likely is not the best marketing mechanism.


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