President Trump has finally proposed that has completely rubbed me the wrong way. Trump has told the Justice Department to move forward on banning the bump stock modification for a rifle. 

What is a bump stock? 

A bump stock is a modification to a rifle which enables the weapon to move forward and back easier while firing to make the gun fire “more rounds”. People have said that it makes a semi-automatic rifle automatic. This is just not true. Can it make you shoot faster? Sure. Is it automatic? No.

My honest opinion is that there really is no use for the bump stock, I think they’re stupid. However, once you start regulating guns, it seems to become a habit. It is almost as if Democrats smell blood considering you have shown weakness in your stance. I do not believe in bad guns. Buy a tank for all I care.

I want to conduct an experiment, I will leave an AR-15 on the floor of my room for a week. If it kills anyone, I will change my stance on guns.

There are mentally ill people, not mentally ill guns. 

Let me put it into perspective:

Suicide bombings- no public movement to ban explosives.

Fat people- no public movement to ban pizza.

DUI- no public movement to ban cars.

Why is it that we always blame people for bad things besides when it comes to guns? Here is another question, do you think people that are buying guns illegally are going to give a toss about gun laws? There are signs that say “gun free zones”, they break that rule too.

Trump, this was not a conservative move. The basis of the second amendment is not to have guns for fun, it is to prevent government tyranny. That is my biggest fear when the government tries to take our guns. If you unarm civilians, you have total control. There is no compromise. With no guns, the government can do whatever they want without fear of citizen backlash.

Trump needs to rethink this idea.

While writing this article, I received news that President Trump also wants to move the age of buying a gun from 18 to 21.

Trump, do not do this. You WILL lose support. My biggest question is, why even make the legal age of being an adult 18? What are the benefits of being an “adult”? You can’t have a beer, in some states can’t smoke a cigarette, and you can’t even rent a car. What can you do? You can join the military, die for your country, and be tried as an adult.

I was at Trump’s speech at CPAC 2018, it was beautiful. The president spoke of making our schools safer and that is by arming them, not taking guns away. Brilliant. I thoroughly believe in president Trump has correct intentions but he cannot conform to pressure from the left after a mentally ill child acted in an ill manner. There was no pressure after the church shooting in Texas. Why? An armed citizen neutralized the target before he could rain more tragedy down.

The signs were ignored in Nicholas Cruz’s case. This wasn’t a gun problem, this was a failure on the end of the government who failed to recognize the immense threat. It was obvious, and a pattern.

Trump, there is no one to blame besides the failure of the executive branch on this one. Hopefully, the president will strengthen his conservative values.


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