Stop with the name calling.

There is a very consistent problem that occurs whilst talking about politics. Whether that is in the classroom or the professional world of politics. There is a misconception that both sides have against each other. Personally being a fiscal conservative and mostly rights leaning libertarian socially, I countless times been labeled racist, Mexican hating, homophobic, and much more. The truth is, I am none of these things.

Everyone needs to stop grouping people because of their political stance. Donald Trump was not my first choice in the primary election, he was actually my third. However, I am proud of something’s he has done such as the tax cut, but also not so proud of other things. Regardless, I would not have voted for Hillary because of the fact that she was one of the most corrupt politicians of my short time on earth so far.

To both sides, we need to stop judging people based on who they voted for. If I vote Republican, it does not make me a white supremacist. If you vote democrat, you are always not a green haired millennial who is offended by everything.

While reading this, you may have thought I was being a tad hypocritical considering I have made broad statements about the left as a whole, yes I have. Why? I write in a format to be entertaining whilst making a point. Of course, I do not actually believe anyone who voted for a Democrat is automatically to blame for everything. However, I have noticed a pattern in the people I talk to. The majority of the people I have talked to that are democrat have fit the stereotypes more than the Republicans I have talked to. Yes, it does sound biased.

Regardless, this is a call of peacefulness to both sides. If you want to get anywhere politically, we need to work together. If something is good for America, do it. Let’s all come together to make America great.


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