The Women’s March was Stupid

The Women’s March 2018, perhaps an illusion of a name? We know one thing for sure, it was more of an anti-Trump protest than a march for women to come together. Marching against things such as the pay gap (which is untrue) and the right to have an abortion(which is murder).

My grievances lie in the fact that even if you are female if you are on the right you are not welcomed to this march (there have been multiple videos proving their presence was not welcomed). Hypocrisy is exactly what the left is known for now. Being progressive used to mean sticking up for the people that needed it, now that represents the right more than the left. I urge all readers to watch Dave Rubin talk about why he left the “left.”

The truth is, the “right” care more about equality than the “left”. Not the entire “left” but more so the social justice side of the left cares more about “leveling out the playing field” and electing people based on gender or race rather than policy (which as Gavin McCinnes rightfully says is, “the bigotry of low expectations.”)

Perhaps the only good thing that came out of this march is that it burned some calories for all the fat feminists. Do you really think marching in New York and LA to protest Trump with a plethora of fat feminists and self-hating white dudes will actually get anything accomplished? I am sure it ruined Trump’s day.

You are lazy, you are most likely uneducated (or purposely ignoring the truth from being thick minded), and your cause is ill thoughtout. The women’s march attendees need to take one class in economics 101 to realize that the wage gap is a myth. They need to read one newspaper (other than the cancer Buzzfeed) to realize Trump is WINNING. Their ignorance is unreal, they would rather see Trump fail rather than have our country win.

Let’s all realize the west is the best, and Trump is winning. The left just needs to accept it, because regardless if they want to or not, we are winning and we will continue to win.


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