Rap Music is Plagued​ With Morons

Rap music is nothing short of an entire genre of mostly low intellect individuals. People who have created an entire career of glorifying murder, drugs, and misogyny.

However, does it not say something when all of these “gangsters” hate Donald Trump? They are driven by fear, fear of a man who does not tolerate degenerates. You have people like Eminem who made a career of being counter-cultural (which is now characteristically right), being portrayed as a hero for calling Donald Trump a racist. Guess what? Everyone in Hollywood and music already does ridicule Donald Trump, so Eminem you are nothing but the same. You are no longer counter-cultural at all, you are the average Joe of rap now, and that comment was proven right by his new album (which was horrid in comparison to his older albums.)

Eminem concluded his freestyle rap on President Trump by saying to his supporters, “if you can’t decide who to stand beside, ill do it for you with this, fuck you” as he proceeded to put up his middle finger to the camera. Wow, Marshal, you got us. From a man who made a career of being a homophobic drug addict, you are right, I should take my political advice from you. Eminem, you’re washed up, and not edgy. You could’ve died a legend, but now your merely a man who fell off at the end.

The Game is another rapper who doesn’t like our president. Once a great rapper, now gone social justice warrior. In his song “El Chapo” he rapped a very vivid depiction of killing Donald Trump. Also his friend Snoop Dogg, who is a legend also portrayed shooting the president in his music video for his song “lavender”. Would you be surprised to hear that they met with LAPD in an effort to “stop killings”? Well, I was. So you want to stop “senseless murder” while rapping about murder? That’s a tactic of peace I have never heard before. The Game said, “Come one black community we need to unite. Before we can get our lives to matter to anyone else, we have to show that our lives matter to us.”How convenient, so the black communities lives matter, but not your president? What a great way to spread peace guys, you’re real heroes.

All I am preaching is that kids are very easily influenced, so why not rap in a peaceful light? If you truly care about others, don’t make “exceptions” when you feel like it. This is not a demand either, I am all for free speech and freedom of expression, but don’t be a hypocrite.



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