The Social Justice Warriors Known As NFL Athletes

With the playoffs coming up, it is time to talk about football. Sure, it is your right to protest, and that is protected by the 1st amendment. There is no arguing that. The NFL, however, is losing money, a lot of it. Is it worth it? Do these players care more about their message or their money? I guess we’ll find out shortly as NFL ratings continue to drop. Apparently, Sunday night football has the lowest amount of views per week since 2008. The NFL has quickly become the same as Hollywood, a plethora of intellectually soft fools who did no research about the cause they are advocating for.

Their cause

Apparently, by kneeling for the national anthem they are protesting police brutality. Obviously, by kneeling, police will stop killing people. Here is the part the really pisses us off at America As Is: they are protesting the police brutality against only minorities. The reason their cause is ill thought out and just plain stupid is that police brutality is an issue, regardless of who they kill. Playing these identity politics just divides the country further. The left has become great at this.

It must be nice to be informed about politics from people that make millions of dollars a year. Not just that, but the way they advocate for their cause is to kneel during the national anthem, which just so happens to represent the greatest country on earth. Yeah, police brutality is horrible, no matter what color the person is, but you’re not doing anything but making people hate the NFL by kneeling during the anthem. Want to make a change? You can start by doing something about it other than kneeling before the game, you half-witted morons. If you hate what our country stands for so much, leave. The hypocrisy of these people saying they hate the internal systems of our country and how it is racist, meanwhile they’re making millions playing a game.


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