You Can’t Change History, So Please Stop Trying.

The left has found yet another crucial piece of American history to pick apart and criticize— Columbus Day. Progressives see Columbus’ discovery of the West as nothing more than a genocidal conquest. They see Columbus, the very man who discovered our beloved country, as a sociopathic murderer who took land from the innocent. Completely disregarding that if it weren’t for him we would all still be in the United Kingdom sipping on overpriced tea, leftists still choose to boycott the iconic date. Whether you choose to celebrate the holiday or not, that’s on you. It’s your right as an American to celebrate what you please, just keep in mind that history is history. It’s not a debate. It’s not a discussion. It happened— whether you agree with it or not. What bothers me the most about controversial topics like Columbus Day are those who choose to ignore it and those who even try to get rid of it. This year especially, there were countless incidents reported about how Columbus Statues were vandalized and destroyed. When I see news reports like this, I think to myself, “What do you get out of this?” Other than a warrant for your arrest, nothing.

News flash: You can’t just change history by destroying evidence of it. That’s not how it works. If I broke into the National Archives and somehow managed to rip up the constitution, would that make America a lawless jungle? No, because like I said, that’s not how anything works. So what does removing a statue do? Nothing. If you think a Robert E Lee statue is racist, why would you remove it? Removing a monument from your surroundings doesn’t change the fact that something as big as the civil war happened— And just because you don’t agree with one side(the side that LOST may I add) doesn’t mean you get ultimate power to decide between what is commemorated and what is forgotten about. If liberals could successfully change America’s past by simply closing their eyes and covering their ears, anybody who’s ever learned to read would know that whatever happened is definitely just going to happen again. History repeats itself. If we deleted every piece of American history that wasn’t completely made up of sunshine and rainbows we wouldn’t be living in America at all—we’d be living in a fairytale liberal wasteland. In fact, the only place that comes to mind is in George Orwell’s 1984. For those who haven’t read it, the entire novel revolves around this dystopian society that’s ruled by one dictatorial party. The protagonist works in a building called the “Ministry of Truth” where his literal job is to rewrite old news articles to fit the current views of the ruling party. Even though 1984 was written in the late 40s, I still fear that we inch closer and closer to a society like this everyday— where the truth is concealed for the sake of the majority. Instead of directly rewriting history, it is being changed by the liberal agenda through subtle selective omission: removal of statues, changing the names of public schools, DISREGARD FOR NATIONAL HOLIDAYS, etc. The people who believe that they are being tolerant and progressive by purposely excluding certain aspects of history from their lives are the same people who are unknowingly deteriorating the very foundation that our country was built on. Whatever you try to hide will come back and find you, whether it’s tomorrow or 40 years from now. History always repeats itself.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” —George Orwell


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  • Great article Remi, keep them coming . It’s writers like you that will keep our great history alive. I hope “America as is” web site keeps these great articles coming. It’s people who write for this web site that make the difference, and keep America great.

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