Modern Day Feminism is Disgusting​

Feminism was once a great and heroic cause that was at the time revolutionary. First wave feminism had real causes to advocate for, one being women suffrage. Equality is one of the fundamental parts of a democracy, and without a doubt, these brave women had a great cause.

Modern day feminism, however, is a stupid cause that demonizes men and wastes time on issues that are rather unimportant. Feminism has become a group of people that have not done their research, and have aligned themselves with the left.

Myth 1: The wage gap

The most annoying myth of them all, that is why I started with this one. The wage gap is not a problem to be solved, and it is also non-existent. Christina Hoff-Sommers (a feminist) even disbanded the argument with her own research.  It comes down to people not knowing the difference between earnings and wages. The way you get a 13 cent gap difference in the earnings of men and women is if you take the earnings from men and women across the board in all occupations. This number does not take into count the choices the two sexes make. I am currently reading a book called “Why Men Earn Moreby Warren Farrell, and I challenge anyone who thinks my research is manipulated to read it. Facts, regardless of your feelings are still facts. Women make different life choices and most times it ends up with them making less money. Here are some facts about the wage gap:

Myth 2: Occupation sexism

Feminists have been nagging at this for the past 2 or so years.  Saying things like, “There are not enough women in high positions” or “Higher paying fields are dominated by men.” Yes, the second one is true, because women choose to pick lower paying occupations (as mentioned in the first myth). Their first grievance is just utterly stupid. How many women have to hold positions of power until they’re happy? That is open to interpretation with no elaboration on how much they want. Also what about equality, what if the man is just more fit for the job than the women? Here is my grievance with the feminist argument. They want “equality” where they see fit. There is no cry for more women to be in the field of Boilermakers, brick masonry, stonemasonry, septic tank servicing, sewer pipe cleaners and trash collectors which are all 99% male occupied jobs. Also if feminism is about “equality of the sexes” why is there no cry for more male preschool teachers which is 92% female. I don’t know about your personal experiences, but I’ve never seen any movement for more women in sanitation, oh wait, there is none.

Myth 3: Rape culture

This myth is the most absurd to put it lightly. To say we live in a rape culture insinuates that we celebrate rape, we don’t. The fact of the matter is that more men are raped than women. Where are the rallies to help all these innocent men? Do feminists stand outside prisons chanting? No. Of course women get raped, and it is horrible without a doubt, but feminism is about equality so we need to get the rape down with both sexes.

Feminism is dying, and that is because it is no longer about equality. That is why 85% of Americans believe in inequality of the sexes but only 18% identify as a feminist.


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