Finally, America First!

Without a doubt, President Trump has been the first president in a long time to put his people first. Yes, America is a powerhouse that should try to help other countries when needed. The problem is that the United States was being abused for help, and laughed at behind closed doors. They saw weakness as our smug ex-president Barak Obama tore apart our countries internal strength.

President Trump is doing great for those of you who are unaware or brainwashed by the media. I am going to break down 3 things of his presidency that I was most happy about.


DOW has risen 28.5% since Donald Trump was elected, the biggest election year rise since 1945.


  • Employers have added 1,189,000 new jobs from February through August.
  • Latino unemployment at an all-time low.
  • Black unemployment at a 17 year low.
  • Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan down.


  • $285 Million dollar budget slash to the UN.
  • Recognized the capital of Israel as Jerusalem.
  • The illegal border crossing at a 45 year low.
  • Cancellation of the Paris Climate Agreement.


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