Anti-Bullying campaigns are Stupid.

America has become the epicenter of sensitivity. If someone calls your child fat, transfer schools. Someone calls them ugly, transfer schools. Someone calls them dumb, transfer schools. Without a doubt, most of these “wars” on bullying are conspired by the left. Considering they are the side of feelings over facts, according to them everyone should just be nice to each other and if not, that is hate speech and the bully should be in jail. Well, I for one know that is not how life works. People are mean, life is not fair, deal with it. Instead of sheltering your child from these “mean people”, expose them. Bullying is something that has been happening for hundreds of years. It is not going to stop. Why give your child a dis-advantage by shielding them from these brash and rude people, because when they get into the real world, they will be in utter shock as to how people behave.

As I usually do, I will share a story about bullying. Growing up in the early 2000’s the war on bullying was in its early stages. In my first grade class waiting in line at the door to go home, these two girls said that I had, “buck teeth.” I still remember to this day. I went home, told my parents, and their advice was some of the greatest I had ever received. My father, a rugged New York man who was not often the “sensitive” type told me, “if she says it again, just tell her she’s ugly.” Instead of being insecure or worried about going to school the next day, I was giddy at the opportunity to say something mean back. I wanted nothing more than for her to say something mean so that I had the opportunity to retaliate with the consent of my parents.

When I got into middle school, I pranked my friend by slapping him with a hand full of hand sanitizer. With just my luck, a teacher walked in behind him. Regardless of my friend pleading with the miserable educator to not make me receive any disciplinary action, the teacher did regardless. What followed was a write-up, a phone call home, and an “investigation” of bullying. I also had to write a letter to him. Why? Bullying was zero tolerance. The only problem with that was it was my friend, and it was nothing more than testosterone filled mischief as were most incidence in middle school.

Fast forward to college, I receive threats about my website “oppressing people” and that it is too offensive. Also, I cannot walk two feet without walking past a “safe space” sticker with the LGBTqrstuvwxyz flag on it. This leads me to two thoughts, is the safe space strictly for gay people, and imagine being so thin skinned you need a space where your feelings won’t get hurt. These people are the epitome of soft. Incapable of surviving in the real world, mostly because mommy told them how special they were their whole life. News flash, you’re not special. Not one person is special until they make something of themselves. Then you can feel the confidence of knowing you are one of a kind.

The reason I have so much success with debating is that I don’t get flustered, and I am not afraid to take ridicule. Disagreeing with me is not “hate speech” and insulting my looks (even though it’s very hard considering I am astoundingly gorgeous) will not hurt my feelings because self-perception trumps the codependency of your of happiness through compliments. In other words, I know I’m beautiful regardless of what you say.

Why can’t we teach kids to love themselves instead of them having to be insecure children for the rest of their lives who are incapable of growing up mentally? What I’ve learned in my 18 years here is that the people who attack your looks usually can’t attack your intellect. Also, they are madly insecure.

Instead of teaching kids “not to bully” let’s teach kids to love themselves. For once you accomplish self-happiness, there is nothing anyone could say which would deflate your security with yourself.


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