America As I Wish

The nation as a whole has begun to succumb to the sheer stupidity of the progressive left. We are told to believe that gender is a feeling, that police are on killing sprees of minorities, and that the only way you can be successful if you’re  white is by cheating. These are all lies that are not simply looked past, but discussed as if it is truth amongst higher power people and even news outlets.

The fact of the matter is that it is simply untrue. However, the problem is not whether these ideas are true or untrue, the problem is that when the left disagrees with your opinion, they get violent. The left also thinks these attacks are justified because conservatives are “racist nazi’s.”

Let’s just get one thing perfectly straight. If you are Republican you are not by default racist. If you are a Democrat, you are not by default racist.

The MAGA hat

In my own experience, there have been multiple times where wearing my “Make America Great Again” hat has got me into some hot water. I have had it ripped off my head, I have lost friends, I have been called racist for wearing it, etc. However, as a man that is more than willing to stand behind my beliefs, I do not shy away from wearing it.

I stay strong. For those of you who have met me, getting under people’s skin comes as second nature to me. There is something so humorous about someone getting so upset over a hat. What fills my body with joy, however, is trying to debate those who call me racist for my hat.

Story Time

On the one year anniversary of Donald Trump winning the election, I wore my MAGA hat to the school cafeteria. While eating with my friends, I suddenly felt my hat viciously yanked off my head from behind. Before I could even get a word out, in front of me was a small African American woman holding my hat. She said, “You racist pig, you support a guy who hates me and my people? You must really hate me then.” To be honest I laughed a little at this point. I knew anyone that would say something so idiotic must have the intellectual capacity of a squirrel. I sat back and said, “sure, let’s have a debate. If Donald Trump is racist why is black unemployment at a 17 year low? Why did Jessie Jackson praise Donald Trump on multiple occasions? Why was Donald Trump in the public eye for over 30 years and never called racist until he ran for president?” Her frustration of sheer embarrassment had run rampant throughout her body at this point. Stuttering she uttered, “Wh-Whatever don’t ever talk to me” as she crumpled up my hat and threw it back. My friends in shock looked at me and after a couple of seconds started to laugh saying, “Man you just destroyed her argument.”

What am I getting at here

My message is that there seems to be a war on Trump supporters. The reason the left wins so much is because we on the right do not fight back. We need to fight back and NOT IN A VIOLENT WAY. Let me make that perfectly clear. We are not that immature, insecure, and stupid. We do not to promote violence to get our way. What I am suggesting is stick to your morals. If you want to say “Merry Christmas”, say it. If you support Trump, don’t be intimidated. What I have learned in my 18 years on earth is that when people are yelling in your face about politics, they usually do not know what they are talking about. They have some lines memorized that they heard from watching a Youtuber’s vlog while also writing a blog about how they can’t get a job with their degree in Gender Studies. Let us stick to our beliefs, which we are allowed to do in America (the greatest country on earth).


3 thoughts on “America As I Wish

  1. Liberals are like spoiled children who want and want and when they don’t get it they throw tantrums and blame everyone else
    When those who are capable of working stop looking for handouts and get back to working hard and respecting one another then we will get on the right path of making America Great Again.
    Well done Niko


  2. Well said, Niko. I find that many liberals resort to violence because they think they’re entitled to x or y. They think whatever they want should be granted to them because of the false belief that they “run the country” or the country runs for them. It’s a bit unbelievable how self-centered and uneducated some people can be.


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