Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL.

Let’s allow every person from every country into the United States. We are all people man! You can’t own land because the land belongs to mother nature.

You could not present to me an argument for illegal immigration that I have not heard and countered before. I’m serious, from completely vapid to having a bit of intellectual backup, I have heard them all.

The simple counter to all of these arguments is hidden in their own argument. Does the word “illegal” ring a bell? If you want to come into the greatest country in the world (I don’t blame you) just come in LEGALLY. Without over simplifying it, that is a valid counter to all illegal immigration tolerant people.

My most prevalent point is this: for example, if I wanted to, (as a citizen of the United States), visit Mexico illegally, I would be thrown in jail. I wouldn’t get to vote, I wouldn’t be demanding rights, and I wouldn’t be causing an uproar.

This is my biggest gripe with illegals. It’s not that they simply want to fly under the radar, they actually go into the street and protest for their rights. First of all, your not supposed to be here. The entitlement of illegal aliens trying to push an agenda fills my body with roars of laughter.

Let’s focus on Mexico quickly. Although the amount of illegal Mexicans living in our country has decreased, they still make up the majority of illegals in our country. In 2006 there were 5.6 million illegal Mexicans in the states. (Pew Research) Simply unacceptable, and we are fortunate enough to have a president that puts the United States first. There are illegals coming in that are raping, murdering, and selling drugs. That is a fact. To say, “well all that stuff goes on regardless” is simply invalid. The reason being is that regardless if rape, murders, and drug distribution already happen we need not to let it happen in more abundance.

My hope and prayer is that Americans realize that the west is the best. Look around. Notice how many people want to come here. Notice everything that happens in the States becomes world news. The United States is much more than a country. The United States is the land of the free. Regardless of how great our country is, we actually have people going around saying, “I hate the United States.” Not a problem, just leave and I am sure this great country will not miss swine like you.

Americans need to start realizing that illegal immigration is hurting our country also making it more dangerous. This issue is not a moral dilemma because quite frankly, let their own countries handle their own internal problems that they created THEMSELVES. Their problems are no ones but their own. Let’s put a halt on illegal immigration and help restore patriotism in our beautiful country.


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