Playboy has forgotten what genetics are

Political correctness has successfully infiltrated the minds of too many Americans. The United States as a whole is so worried about offending people we have actually decided to forget genetics are a non changeable aspect of life. It is pretty ironic that Democrats only believe in science when it helps their cause. In a rally, Hillary Clinton gave a speech on climate change and the need to vote. She is quoted saying, “If you believe in science, and you know that climate change is real…”
How ironic. I do believe in science actually Hillary, thats why when a male is born he continues to be a male regardless of how he dresses, how he feels, or what surgeries he gets.

Playboy as a brand has been a traditionally American magazine that showed off voluptuous women of all ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. Playboy set the standard for the modern day “nude” magazine. The greatness of playboy came from its exclusivity of models. The one aspect all these females shared regardless of race, religion, or background was the genetics which they were born with. They were all female.

As you may be aware, Playboy has announced that they will be adding the newest addition to the Playboy bunnies. His name is Ines Rau.

Yes you read that correctly. HIS name is Ines Rau.

Quite simply Cooper Hefner is either a business genius or a complete and utter moron.

If this is an attempt for young Cooper to establish a name for himself in his fathers business, bravo to him. However, your name will also be surrounded by a ton of controversy Cooper as you are playing a dangerous game by disregarding genetics.

In the case that Cooper is buying into this mainstream idea of catering to the triggered liberals and caring more about feelings than facts, that is a shame. Cooper, your father has been dead less than a month. (R.I.P. Hugh you were a legend) Please Cooper stop twisting his business into something he would not approve of.

We also should not count out the possibility that this is an attempt to stir controversy in order to save the company considering its steady decline in sales. We have seen business moves such as these work by stirring controversy forcing people to talk about the issue regardless of if the talk was negative. Actually, we have seen tactics like this used by President Donald Trump. Of course the one thing we know by watching the news is that negativity sells, and playboy needs to sell something considering that their print and digital sales are down 16%. (According to CBS news. Article written by Rory Maher)

Playboy used to be a company every American knew, and to say that they have lost their lust is an understatement. Hopefully they re-think their marketing scheme and continue to be a company that showcases only females.


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