Should knives be banned in the United States?

If there is anything you can learn from the left, it’s that their belief is it is not the man that pulls the trigger who is at fault for a shooting, but the gun itself is at fault. If you follow even basic politics, you have most likely stumbled upon news paper articles, news programs, or radio shows talking about “assault weapons” as “killing machines.” Even Jimmy Kimmel has given his two cents, because of course comedians are the exact people I want to gather my political agendas from.

What if the whole argument of “assault weapons” being “killing machines” could be disbanded with one statistic?

Fear not, because it can.

Consider this next time you hear the term “killing machine” for an “assault rifle”. According to the FBI UCR, you are more than four times as likely to be stabbed to death (1604 stabbing deaths in the U.S. in 2016) than to be killed by ANY rifle (374 people killed with rifles in  the U.S. in 2016.)

I know what you are most likely thinking right now. It’s okay, I thought the same thing when I read those numbers.

America needs to issue a blanket knife ban. There needs to be stricter background checks on these maniacs who purchase knives as well. Do people even realize how easy it is to go into the store and buy a knife? Knives clearly have no other purpose but to hurt people.

Hopefully people can get the sarcasm in this argument for there is no one from the far left raising hell over knives even though they clearly cause more damage in society.

While watching an interview on youtube as I normally do, I could not help but hysterically laugh at the stupidity of some people (I won’t name who but I’m sure you can make the assumption). While Owen Shroyer of interviewed a random leftist on the street who made her opinion clear that there should be no way students or teachers should carry guns, he asked the question “what would you do if there was an active school shooter?” The women gave the response “hide, wait for the police and lock the door.” To which Owen responded “oh so you’re going to wait for someone with a gun to come help you?”

That pretty much sums up the left on gun control. Its hard for them to realize that guns actually do great things for America by preventing crime.

The easiest way to support my claim on guns preventing crime is to state one simple word. Fear. Since roughly 1991 property crime (such as home invasion)  has been plummeting at  significant rates each year while legal handgun supply has continuously been sky rocketing.

crime-and-guns-property-crimes-and-handgun-supply1Source: Crime data from bureau of Justice Statistics online)

It is a simple formula really. Break into someones house they are likely to have a gun and you are more likely to get shot.

The platitudinous of the gun shaming liberals arguments are simple to beat. Offer statistics and they will run like cowards, or they will start yelling. There is no way of telling which route they will take but if they are dressed in a “I’m with her” shirt or “feel the burn” shirt I would hold my hands over my ears because it will most likely trigger them to hear the facts.



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